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Thread: Mint Condition Russian SKS Rifles.

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    Well this was a fun read, thank you

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    I cannot understand the arguments against the Law of Supply and Demand.
    What is so hard to understand about it?
    Fave movie quote: “Get off my lawn”!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raypoh View Post
    nice gouging keep doing it
    Real estate in Vancouver and Toronto gouge the price of the housing each year. Can you expect to buy a house with the old price ?

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    Capitalism at it's finest...If this was a necessity like food or water I can support the bitching and moaning...but this is a gun no different then any other collectible that someone feels is worth more...many who have the cash agree apparently. I personally paid 195 for my first SKS..can I ever expect that again? ..maybe for a parts gun!

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    If I strut in there with $550 CASH, would you take it???

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    I’m ashamed to see how duped many people of all walks of life have become. Either you want a world without price controls or with them. Either the market self corrects or the state needs to regulate prices. If your idea of a functional society involves the state setting prices then you’ve missed the fundamental lessons of the 20th century, and you need to look into why the USSR constantly had shortages for almost all necessary goods, as well as surpluses of other goods that were not needed. If you would prefer the market (i.e. supply and demand) dictate prices then when you see a price you don’t like, then just pass on by. Either the market will bear the price, the price will drop, or the item won’t sell.

    What’s especially disconcerting about this, more than anything, is these rifles are being sold on behalf of an unknown owner; so all the [stupid] comments about gouging aren’t even directed at the appropriate entity. Consignment is typically a commission arrangement; so frontier probably made 10% on these sales after taking all this crap.

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    It's funny how some people who say they believes in free market values suddenly start complaining about a high price for a sks which, on the other hand, has a higher quality of finish and wood than the average sks.

    my nephew who is a sks maniac and owns more than 8 sks has just received the one he just bought from this seller and I can tell from seeing it that it is visually and aesthetically much more beautiful to look at than those painted bar b q style.

    these sks are really sks collector's rifles, as far as we can admit that a sks can display a condition worthy of being collected,and myself i'm about to order one for me, which will be my very first semi auto rifle.they're very,very nice,a little more costy than the rough looking ones we used to see,but TO ME,it worth the price.

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    People are bytching about price now, I remember about 6-7 years back buying some real nice SKS from you guys for around 600 bucks for 3 of them delivered. Times have changed and so have prices.
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    Consignment from his private collection of cherry picks.

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    Consignment from his private collection of cherry picks.
    The lock downs have recently brought out the worst in people. No Mr Peanut gallery, these do not belong to the store, just one of our customers. Posting what every you think out of anger does not equal the truth. Most children were taught that.

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