I just wanted to reach out to everyone here and say thank you! The public and all of our followers have been engaging, being active and doing what we can here to spread as much information as possible. The E-2574 petition has been growing at exponential rates and is still jumping.

While things may be a bit "doom and gloom" sometimes we do have to remember, while we are fighting this don't allow yourself to get bogged down, stay happy and focus on things that make you happy outside of the shooting industries problems right now to allow ourselves to continue to push on.

ALSO!!! If you are going to interact with others on social media or in person, please be polite. Use of vulgar language will not be tolerated neither will threats of violence. We are all adults here and we need to hold ourselves to a standard much higher than those of which we are fighting against.

Myself, I like to think back to Summer Slam 2019! I had an awesome squad of people I shot with and it was an unreal match! I shot with some amazing people from around Canada and I hope in my near future I have the chance to shoot with them again!

- Wolverine .303