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Thread: Question re non-published yet amendments to the FRT

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    Question re non-published yet amendments to the FRT

    Quote Originally Posted by SLToronto View Post

    until these changes get propagated into the business and/or civilian versions of the FRT there's not a very significant chance to get more problems than just temporary requisition by an overzealous LEO …

    OIC additions, I would guess here - not a lawyer - would have to be made public just as OIC itself had to be published to come in force …

    if any real lawyers are around, would be nice to see their takes on that …

    also, will be so much pushed and advertised here on CGN insurance cover these situation while changes are not published? Zach, where are you?

    so, from NOW until it GETS PUBLISHED in business and/or civilian versions of FRT, that's the question ...

    Folks, pretty please … a few words re this conundrum with CFP's and RCMP Lab's covert operation ...
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    Zach did respond to my email about coverages. I did not however ask your specific question.
    He is working from home and has taken some time to be with a new member of his family.
    Maybe he will chime in here At some point.
    I look forward to a response to this as well.
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