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Thread: .23in Group! Anschutz 1761 Range Report

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    .23in Group! Anschutz 1761 Range Report

    1761 Range Report

    One of our customers took the time to provide the following range report on his Anschutz 1761. Wow.
    Thanks Dreaded Platypus

    Without any difficulty I quickly dismounted the Schmidt+Bender KK50 scope from my .17HMR 1727F by simply giving the Talley Signature levers a quick twist.

    I really enjoy the is crystal clear and sharp...I can clearly make out the numbers on a standard ISSF target at 50 yds.
    The FFP reticle is the precise size to encircle the ISSF bullseye leaving a sliver of white around the black circle.
    Not unlike target diopter iron sights.
    Image of reticle attached.
    I do not know if it is by design or a fortunate effect of chromatic aberration but this sliver of white magically turns magenta if the bullseye if evenly encircled.

    I installed the scope on my .22 1761 and headed to the Stittsville Shooting Range outside Ottawa on a beautiful afternoon to test a couple of .22 brands.

    I had installed the Anschutz Picatinny rail in order to mount the S+B.
    (Careful...the hex heads are metric and somewhat soft)

    I have the stock 5061 trigger dialed back to pretty well the minimum weight (1.8#/800gr)

    Looking forward to the Anschutz upgraded trigger group that exists but just not commercially available yet.

    The stock trigger is single stage and takes some getting used to.
    Basically you just apply pressure until the glass dramatically shatters - no take-up or any sort of creep before it breaks.

    Despite 2 different calibers and probably rail heights the first shots were only about 5 low and 2 left at 50 yds. A half dozen shots quickly brought it to zero.

    Worked through,

    SK (Lapua) Standard Plus (.28)
    Eley Match (.23)
    Eley Tenex Biathlon (.33)

    All provided pretty similar results with the Match just edging out the SK by a slight margin.

    I have always had good success with the SK in other rifles.
    Very good value.

    Hope this helps those wondering about the 1761s performance

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    Nice rifle and great shooting.
    You work your whole life ,then you die. At least guns have given me some fun on the way.

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    Beautiful rifle, nice shooting.
    Thank you for sharing.
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    Nice rifle and great shooting!

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