We are proud to announce that we will be the official dealer for ABR in Canada

Read below for more information or visit is website


Price will be on the online store in the week of April 12. If someone is interested e-mail us.


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Made out of the highest quality American aluminum, CNC made and anodized for superior wear resistance, the ABR is made to last and weighs less than a pound. The custom dowels come in either hardened alloy steel or Stainless Steel, and ride in linear bearings for consistent smooth operation. A custom designed SS thumb wheel rides in two Delrin thrust washers that are known for their strength and creep resistance. The ABR replaces the need for expensive, heavy and bulky adjustable front rests and wobbly mono pods. Installation is simple, quick, and you never need to remove it.

The Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) ABR is a direct replacement for the lower picatinny rail on both the RPR and RPR Magnum. The length of pull adjustments are machined into the RPR ABR. Other designs bolt onto the stock or clamp to the lower picatinny rail of the listed rifles. No need for positional changes to the rifle and body which cause point of impact inconsistencies. The ABR is the only bolt on enhancement that provides vertical adjustment while providing horizontal stability without requiring positional body changes.

Say goodbye to the mound of expensive and heavy equipment you take to the range. Whether you plan to go to the bench or want to take a shot in the field you are guaranteed to have previously unattainable stability and micro-adjustment with you at all times!