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Thread: Auction Smarts

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    Auction Smarts

    From time to time, there are discussions of auctions.
    Currently, Ian, at w, has a guide on things to consider when participating in an auction.
    Really good advice!
    And if you haven't visited Forgotten Weapons before, have a look around his site.

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    I noticed it this morning too tiriaq.
    I also noticed his enthusiasm and gusto he exuded when he shot up two hands .
    One with the card and the other with the deuce to raise is by another 200 dollars...
    Curious who the 420 bidder was
    Rock Island has to upcoming auctions this month if anyone is interested
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    Great u tube channel.. watched the same vid...

    The roit rifle was kewl.. 7 shot SS..
    those guys have the best job

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