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Thread: Precision Optics Review

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    Great to hear. Good news is the best. I've made a few smaller purchases without issue and now they are part of my regular "top to bottom" online shopping along with some other great vendors. Wouldn't hesitate to make a big purchase or have a chat with them about one knowing they just want to sell good products at fair prices.
    Mikey B

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    A few years ago I was shopping for a scope and was going back and forth with Omer. I was torn between two scopes. Omer offered to send me both to compare and just asked I send the unwanted one back. Top notch all the way around. Since buying a house and having kids my shooting has fell off , but I’ll be headed back to precision optics when I have the need to start re-equipping my gear.

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    By far one of the best retail experiences of my life. Omer and his people are all down to earth real cats that do their damndest to get you stuff youll actually enjoy. Talking to knowledgeable mountain hunters about hunting #### is one of the most relaxing experiences ever.

    Aslo, low key, Omer is wicked funny on podcasts, chevk 8t out!

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