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Thread: 460 Wby really is prohibited

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sqr View Post
    When has a gang banker ever used a 10kj gun in a crime? They couldn’t even hold one up FFS.
    Damn bankers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prophet River View Post
    Basically, anything 300 WM or over is capable of 10K J. It might only fire it once but it could reach it. Just check out the J of a proof load of some of the lager chamberings...
    Capable like variant, another slippery slope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawk-i View Post
    Some people got to much money.
    Thats like saying some people have too many guns. The great Canadian dream; just enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prophet River View Post
    We have a Westley Richards 577 Nito coming in (@243K US$ !!) in a couple weeks. Just checked, still NR (for now) Guy waited four years and will be into it for just about exactly 400K CAN$ by the time its in his hands. I wonder what compensation the government would be will to do if they were to confiscate it if it goes to prohib? (hate calling it a buy back when they never owned them in the first place)
    Is it Ernest Hemingway's gun? WOW

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    Quote Originally Posted by windage View Post
    Well he may become a very good ally for the legal challenges, considering he seems to have some deep pockets.
    Someone with his tastes is likely to vote Conservative. If he's an enemy of the Liberal government, rather than a friend, he'll make an ideal poster-boy to show that the very rich aren't exempt.
    Bomb 'em back to the stone age. ... Curtis Lemay

    Tax 'em back to the stone age. ...Justin Trudeau

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    Quote Originally Posted by LastStandContracting View Post
    Thats like saying some people have too many guns. The great Canadian dream; just enough.
    I like it. Cant have more than anyone else these days, that would be unfair to the leeches
    Don't steal - The government hates competition

    If gun control worked, we wouldn't need more of it

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    Non restricted, so non compliance will be easier.

    I think an item like this would also appreciate in value. He should frame a legal case that the banning and mandatory buy back of this particular firearms is going to cost him future earnings, and sue the federal government not only for the current value but also for those future earnings. Bring a professional firearms appraiser in to take the stand.

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    The potential that a .460 Weatherby Magnum would be used as an assault rifle is very high in the eyes of the government.....lmao
    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled"
    "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arielized View Post a very slippery word that could mean any 12 gauge shotgun could fall under this category as it is possible to fire a .50 BMG from a 12 gauge (probably not twice...) which would render the shotgun "capable" of firing a projectile with greater than 10,000 joules.
    This is something that should concern everyone. The word "capable" is just as insidious and dangerous as the word "variant". As you and others have pointed out, the gun can blow up as a result of that one and only firing, but, all it need do is fire that one time to be considered as "capable". Anybody who thinks that interpretation will not be used by the Liberals and the RCMP has their head stuck in the same sand as those who denied what the Liberals were willing to do in terms of screwing us over in the 1990s.
    Look to your front! Mark your target when it comes.

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    Under free trade, I thought that you could not pass a law in Canada that denies a US company a route to profit that was previously available, which would seem to be a lot of this stuff. There were fuel additives that were banned in the US for toxicity, and continued for sale in Canada...

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