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Thread: 460 Wby really is prohibited

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    As soon as they repeal the OIC, i will be ordering a 460 Whtby… Yep.
    110 knots, 300 nautical miles and up to 14,000 feet... Life is good. JP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sqr View Post
    When has a gang banker ever used a 10kj gun in a crime? They couldn’t even hold one up FFS.
    This has nothing to do with the ongoing gun violence, they are simply ensuring civilians don't have capabilities to engage long-range targets when in times of crisis... Looks like they are scared sh!tless...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawk-i View Post
    Some people got to much money.
    I imagine these type of things are passed around within circles of folks with similar taste, and these folks generally have a taste in things that appreciate in value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prophet River View Post
    Basically, anything 300 WM or over is capable of 10K J. It might only fire it once but it could reach it. Just check out the J of a proof load of some of the lager chamberings...
    ^^This. Legally, 577 Nitro rifles are very probably prohibited by the OIC. In reality, this thing is such a legal clusterf*ck that most of us will be long gone before this is all settled. Or the OIC will be obsolete by a new bill that will ban practically everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWear 57 View Post
    The potential that a .460 Weatherby Magnum would be used as an assault rifle is very high in the eyes of the government.....lmao
    Gang bangers gotta step up another notch of clint eastwoods 458wm you know

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    Nothing in this OIC is unintended, remember if this was an actual bill having to go through whatever committee then voted on then yes it might have some unintended result because it would have been a product of compromising with all sides. But if Trudeau just woke one day and say LOLz iím gonna ban these by oic today then yes he meant every word of it, there are no accidents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by propliner View Post
    Why couldn't the idiots at LEAST leave the African DG cartridges alone?
    I am glad they poked that elephant. My .460 is worth no where near 400K but it still hurts to put it on ice. Anger some people that actually have the cash, capital and power to push back. Good for everyone.

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    I got the letter asking if I wanted to add firearms deactivation to my business license. I couldn't burn it fast enough, but this makes me think how I would feel if I was asked to weld up a 400K gun. I couldn't even do that to a poor old Perazzi. Its kind of like saying the veterinarians are very busy, would you like a job euthanizing old pets.

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    How many murders have taken place on Canadian soil with a .460 Weatherby safari rifle?

    Is the obvious answer zero?

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    Wow, so these are elephant assult rifles?
    Just shows this isn't about our safety. This is about control

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