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Thread: Canada Post late delivery refund

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    "Canada Post Corporation, trading as Canada Post, is a Crown corporation which functions as the primary postal operator in Canada. Originally known as Royal Mail Canada, rebranding was done to the "Canada Post" name in the late 1960s, even though it had not yet been separated from the government." From Wikipedia.
    Maybe now everyone gets the point...they will never be at fault and nobody cant do anything about this.
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    To the person that shipped to Mexico and is complaining about Canada Post.
    Just so you know, once an item leaves our country it is no longer handled by Canada Post employees. Blame someone else and think twice before shipping into other countries during a pandemic.

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    I had 2 guns mailed 1st week of April and they sat in one place for almost 2 months. Canada post issued an ins cheque and before the sender got the cheque the guns were delivered. Almost 2 months. The sender was great making calls to CP and making the ins claim. The cheque was canceled after CP was notified of the delivery. All worked out in the end. With the covid stuff going on and CP not guaranteeing deliveries they still issued a cheque. Other than waiting it ended up ok and both myself and the sender were happy
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    Not sure why but I only ever have issues with irunguns shipping, maybe it's something to do with the forced insurance? I don't know but every package I get from them sits in Edmonton for a week and I'm only in BC which is a 2-3 day max delivery. This time I was hoping to avoid the issue and got it shipped priority (was only 2 bucks more for some reason which is unheard of), it was expected today but its been sitting in Edmonton since Monday and theres no indication it's even left yet.

    I know there's a pandemic going on but I've had the same experience before the pandemic. Also I've had countless shipments over the last month from other companies, most which came from the east and they all shipped on time and got here by or before the expected time.

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    Originally Posted by North Eastern Arms
    Due to the recent Zombie outbreak in the South, we have increased production to Canada. We're doing a big push this month.
    End Quote:

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