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Thread: Item got shipped back to to irunguns by Canada post

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    IRUNGUNS will be keeping these threads open so please post your Canada Post experiences here.

    We have had a conference call this morning to address your concerns with our rep and the Regional Manager for Canada Post.
    We will also be having a follow-up call in 2 weeks in the hopes of addressing some sort of improvement in their service.
    This thread will also give us the opportunity to share your concerns by sharing your experiences with them.
    They have offered further rate reductions through their API so there will be some savings which will be past to the consumer. The discounts are marginal, 5 to 8% but they will help.

    IRUNGUNS uses Canada Post due to the amount of rural business we have as other carriers do not offer service to some of these locations given that IRUNGUNS sell across Canada.
    IRUNGUNS also uses Canada Post insurance coverage rates on all packages.
    This is done to not only protect you but to protect us as a business.

    Point and case.

    The GSG-16 comes from Germany which is shipped directly to ATI. ATI ships the rifle out to distribution, distribution ships it to IRUNGUNS.
    IRUNGUNS sells said rifle to someone in Canada. We export the rifle to Canada where the serial number and rifle are confirmed and checked before shipping it out to the end user.
    The rifle travels around the globe problem free but the end user in Canada receives the rifle with a broken sight.

    Someone must pay for that, its not the customers fault, but its not ours either.
    We understand things happen occasionally and as such we would cover the costs but when it becomes problematic, things need to change.

    So, we made the insurance optional, well that did not work either.
    A hand full of people ruined it for everyone else.
    If you sign a waiver and decline coverage on your package and afterwards it shows up damaged well the onus is on you.
    Not for IRUNGUNS to send you a new gun.

    What further baffles us after declining coverage, we had a customer dispute the purchase with his credit card company because his restricted firearm showed up fine but the original box was damaged so therefore he demanded a new gun to get a new box.
    In the end because of the waiver the arbitration was not successful, but we lost a customer. This is also not acceptable.

    Problem solved, so now everything is insured and both the customer and IRUNGUNS are dilemma free.

    Our shipping policies will not change but neither will our prices. Our prices in Canada are the same as they are in the U.S.
    We do not have the ability to offer free shipping or discounted shipping.

    When one outsources a service there is a cost, we kindly ask that you remember that when ordering from anyone.

    We hope this helps everyone understand our shipping policies and procedures.

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    Flat rate shipping to Canada is 25.00USD on all accessory and ammunition orders regardless of quantities ordered. Firearms are exported to Canada at a flat rate of 25.00USD per firearm.

    The IRUNGUNS Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dietz View Post
    Oh so you're one of those "me myself and I" peoplethings, everything has to revolve around you. I see, what do we call you people these days, oh yes, a narcissist.

    Guess what princess, there is a metric #### ton of members on this forum besides you. Just because something hasn't happened to your precious little self, doesn't mean it hasn't happened at all.
    Wow, no I was not. I was simply replying to you saying I must be new here. I might not spend my entire life trawling through forums. It seems You get frustrated pretty quickly.

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    I have 4 shipments from Amazon outstanding (not firearms related), all shipped from Amazon's Georgetown warehouse to Vaughan. That's a 40 minute drive without traffic. The packages need to go to the Gateway sorting facility in Mississauga, then onto Vaughan, about a 30 minute drive from there. Two of them shipped June 13th, two of them June 17th. I have rec'd none of them, with estimated delivery times ranging from overdue to early July.

    So I have 4 different shipments shipped from a warehouse 40 minutes from me, taking 3 weeks to arrive.

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    Not firearms related,but took 13 days from pick up to processed and that was just in missisauga,i can believe the covid is changing the world,but come on 13 DAYS from pick up to process ...

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    I don't know how common postal screwup are. Only one comes to my memory, personally, after 5 decades. Last year I ordered an old pocket knife from a U.S. vender. Tracking showed that it shipped to the opposite side of the country. Got delivered to somebody who brought it back to the post office. Then it was correctly sent to me. My address was marked accurately. Stuff happens.

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    It happened to me twice. Once from Brownells and once from a Canadian distributor. I think it is someone playing anti games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYron93 View Post
    Wow, no I was not. I was simply replying to you saying I must be new here. I might not spend my entire life trawling through forums. It seems You get frustrated pretty quickly.
    You were not what? Instead of doing what any basic human being would do, which is to realise that your precious self with your own limited experiences, isn't alone in the universe and that when someone replies to you with something that isn't specifiying you AT ALL, in this case an entire forum of members, you should be thinking about everybody else on the forum but yourself. But instead of that, you went the narcissist "everything is about me" "it didn't happen to me so it can't happen" way. And when you get called out, you have the audacity to say you didn do nufin'.

    get frustrated pretty quickly? ROFL classic deflecting. That's not me frustrated, that's me calling out a narcissist for what he is. Sounds like you're a hypocrite too.

    Sorry for jacking this thread up IRG, it had to be done.
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    There are only two types of people in this world, those who want to control others, and those who have no such desire. The former is the enemy of humanity.

    Stand together. Stand strong. Don't give them an inch for they will take a mile.

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    Since when is anything but the upper & lower prohib ?

    Government of this country are complete pieces of s**t.

    Quote Originally Posted by scott View Post
    Customs is currently denying all ar15 parts.

    What was it?

    Though I’m pretty sure they ship from Alberta so that’s weird.
    I live amongst Zombies and Criminals masquerading as good Neighbours ..

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    Those edmonton CP warehouse people have hold my package since June 10. It's been 15 days now.

    CP CSR honestly told me nobody can do anything to them... CSR can't even open a ticket for investigation. This is ridicules.

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    Not only CP, but most courier services has gone out of whack since the start of this pandemic. Don't expect the ETA until you track it and it says FOR DELIVERY, to which it still goes undelivered for some other reasons.

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