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Thread: Remington 700 SS 5R .223

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    Remington 700 SS 5R .223

    Built off the legendary 700 action, the Remington 700 5-R sets the benchmark for accuracy and durability. Much like M-24, the barrel is cold hammer forged and features 5-R rifling. The 5R rifling profile increases barrel life expectancy, accuracy and creates less fouling and bullet deformation over time. Whether you’re a benchrest shooter or longtime hunter, look no further for better reliability and precision.

    Why 5-R?

    5-R rifling is the same type of rifling used on the battle proven M-24 SWS. There are 5 lands as opposed to the normal 6 land configuration. Traditional lands are squared off at a 90 degree angle to the groove while the lands on 5-R rifling are tapered at 110 degrees which results in less bullet deformation. Also, none of the lands are directly across from one another. Both of these features lead to better accuracy and less fouling.

    • Legendary Model 700 Stainless Steel Action featuring the “3-Rings of Steel” makes this the strongest action on the market.
    • 5-R hammer-forged with tactical/target-style rifling like that used in famous M-24 military rifles for the utmost in shot-to-shot consistency
    • 5-R increases barrel life and accuracy, causes less friction and bullet deformation
    • H.S. Precision composite stock features full-length aluminum bedding blocks for enhanced stability and shot-to-shot consistency
    • Dual front swivel stud system for convenient mounting of bi-pod and sling
    • X-Mark Pro externally adjustable trigger
    • Silencer ready with 5/8x24 if

    Click HERE for 700 223
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    Is the .223 barrel threaded 5/8x24 as advertised?
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    does this come in left handed?

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