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Thread: Buying from I RUN GUNS

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    Super GunNutz Janeau's Avatar
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    There is absolutely no problems buying from I Runguns. Those guys are great. Most who complain did not read and understand the rules and process. This is clearly stated on their web site but for some reasons - people do not read it.

    Did many purchases and imports and other than delays du to cut off date - all went very well each single time.

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    CGN Regular awsomeo's Avatar
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    Iíve dealt with them many times. Always a great experience. Donít be in a rush to receive your item. The import process can take a bit depending on when you order.

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    Jul 2018
    IRG is awesome to deal with. Never had a single issue

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    In my experience, IRG has been solid. I've purchased several items from both the US and Canadian sites and the process has always gone smoothly; highly recommended!

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    GunNutz Dreaded Platypus's Avatar
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    I purchased an accessory and later a shotgun through them...both went exceedingly smoothly...I was very happy with the canít be in a rush though because they have their import cycle which is clearly explained...I recently ordered a rifle that was not available in Canada...I wanted to confirm model details and got great old-fashioned personal service within the hour from their Arizona office...

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    Purchased a Firearm from their US Site and some stuff from their Canadian Site. Only had one issue and that was due to not checking my email which pushed the firearm a month back onto the next shipment. No fault of IRG. Do it and don’t look back. Asking people on these forums can go either way. During these times you will expect longer wait times but most shops are truly doing their best.

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    Order your item's from them and wait! They will and do their best to supply it, So give them time
    to work on it

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    Multiple purchases. Always 100% positive for me.

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    Solid people to deal with! I have been ordering every thing from whole firearms to small parts for years, never had a issue just dont be in a rush

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRUNGUNS View Post
    Canadian Post shipping breakdown costs:

    Basic shipping charge- is based on WxHxL and weight

    Canada Post Coverage- $2.25 per $100.00 of value for damage or lost packages which seems to happen more then it should.

    PST and or HST- whatever your province charges ie. Ontario is 13%

    Signature fee/proof of age- $3.00

    Fuel surcharge- 3%

    Oversize package fee $12.00 for packages over 39”

    Every company has the same charges from Canada Post. You are either paying for it in the price of your purchase or it is separated out and disclosed to you.

    The IRUNGUNS Team
    you can say that but 7 ar15 mags to j3y cost 40$ to ship expedited on your site.

    just did the exercise in with my post canada small business account and 7 ar mags in a box amounts to 18$....

    Im sure its not on purpose but for some items the price is really high for shipping.

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