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Thread: Zahal review

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    Zahal review

    Not sure where else I could post this, so I’m doing it here. The information I will share may help another CGNer make a decision

    On 2020-03-28 I made an order from Zahal, listed sponsor on this site, of two items. I made my decision to purchase from them over other retailers due to claims posted right beside the product “zahals golden stamp guarantee, lifetime guarantee, 14 day return, free shipping”.

    Anyway, there was an issue with sizing, the pathing on their website led me to believe something was an M when in fact it was an L. Customer error, yeah. Retailer could’ve done a better job making sure that sizing was clear, yeah. No big deal. I emailed and explained the issue and was totally fine paying any shipping costs to replace or return and refund product. No reply. Tried calling any of the numbers available during Israel hours and Canadian briskness hours for a month, no reply.

    I’m only out $4-500 so it’s no big deal and the product will make a fine gift to one of my larger friends, I just want you to know you probably won’t get so much as an automated email back if something you order needs service.

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    They are a world away , and they know it .
    They have for the most part delivered their products ( 5 to 7 weeks )
    Customer services are nill to none .
    Never ride faster than your Angel can fly !

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    Never had an issue with their customer service. I had to deal with them once when they came out with the VZ58 ultimag, none of them would activate the bolt hold open. I had 4 replacements shipped to me within 2 weeks and got to keep the faulty ones free of charge.

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    Check the thread anybody ordered from Zahal before. A rep from zahal gave his email to contact if any issues. If you have already emailed that address than I don’t know what to tell you and good luck!

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    I had a heck of a time getting a reply too. They eventually made things right but took almost 6 months from purchase date. I stated I would put a claim in w PayPal and that seemed to be the motivation needed to get things moving. Good luck

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    I ordered a few things there and it went fine. One item was faulty though and when I tried to do a return they stopped replying to me. It took months and eventually the threat of complaints to the BBB and Visa to get them to do the return.

    If you are sending them money they reply but if you have a warranty issue they just ignore you.

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    I've had nothing but great service when I've contacted them. Prompt responses, and quick resolutions. They even upgraded one of my products for free recently due to a stocking issue and manufacturer delays.

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    Not to bash the OP..
    But I've been 100% with Zahal
    And google Israeli Lockdown
    They are getting hit hard and I'm sure staff is not coming to work or they got a callup??

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