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Thread: Tps arms M6 scout

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lopez93 View Post
    I already had the guys at IRUNGUNS bring a .17hmr over .410 in for me at the beginning of the year. So far it as been a great little rifle and the fit and finish are great.
    I will post some pics soon.

    How's the side to side at the hinge point?
    The one Achilles heal the older Springfield CZ is varying play from slightly narrower hinge pin.
    Example my 22 hornet/410 is pretty darn solid. However the 22 LR/410 has a tiny bit of movement right there.


    Edit: forgot to ask. Is yours drilled and tapped for optics mount ??
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    Any coming in soon to you irunguns?! Really interested in a .357/.410 model!!!
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