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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordicman View Post
    The 17 HMR is a pointy bullet and can be used in a tube magazine because that pointy tip is polymer, not metal. Could the same be done for centerfire? It would be useful if an ammunition company and Henry could get together and create a new cartridge or two, complete with only polymer tips, that could be used in a tube magazine. Cartridges similar in performance to, but not exchangeable with, a 6.5 Creedmoor or a 308. Or whatever floats the boat of the manufacturers and customers. This could realize modern ballistics and power for a tube magazine lever gun while still looking awesome cowboy cool. If this idea has been floated earlier in this thread, my apologies -but I am not wading through 104 pages (of obviously fantastic ideas) to find out.
    Like Hornady's LEVERevolution Flex-tip ammo for lever guns?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TragicallyHipGrandpa View Post
    Like Hornady's LEVERevolution Flex-tip ammo for lever guns?
    Yes, but completely different cartridges that would not be built with a metal tip (like 308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, etc, are now) and therefore could not be mistakenly shot from the tube magazine gun.
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    Lever 9mm

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    Not sure if possible but I would love a 22 mag side loader. I love my henry 22 mag but when something is eating my chickens I need something I can load fast.

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    Wink 22 magnum or 17wsm AR-7 and hi-cap mag or other 17wam semi-auto

    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Repeating Arms View Post
    Some of you have already seen that we recently became an Industry Member of this forum, and we're very excited to be here! Just because we're "Made in America, Or Not Made At All," doesn't mean that we don't love our Northern neighbors.

    Let's kick this off with an open-ended poll of sorts.

    We currently make over 200 different rifles, shotguns, pistols, and an "other". No doubt, there are a lot of different calibers and finishes to choose from, but do we make your ideal firearm?

    If you could take over project management for the next big Henry Repeating Arms release, what would you choose to get our talented engineers working on and why?

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    I think the next thing Henry needs to make is an appearance in this thread...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Battleworn View Post
    brass receiver 357/38spl !!!! thanks for asking! and welcome!
    Yes please. I have three Grand Daughters! And myself lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by cableguy View Post
    Lever 9mm
    Juat was going to say this, to my knowledge no manufacturer has produced one?

    It's only the most popular caliber in the world, next to .22

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    Why not make a musket version of one of your center fire lever action. By that I mean a wooden fore stock all the way up to the muzzle, much like the Winchester RCMP commemorative model of 1973(?).

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