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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    It would be pretty dope if you made a old school 12 gauge SxS break action. If it wasn't priced too high i would buy one, old school coach guns are awesome.

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    An affordable .38-55.

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    Not sure if itís been said or you already sell it but a mares leg with a full length stock I find my 22lr mares leg handy in the woods but it would be better with a full stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by eco View Post
    Would be nice if they would just make more stock of what's out already. Aside from their 22 and an occasional 44 good luck getting anything else.
    No point in asking about new variants.

    We have had Henry 41 Magnum rifles in the Carbine and full length barrels on order for almost two years now.

    None are making it to Canada in 41 magnum.

    Come on Henry, send more guns to Canada please!.....
    The only government I trust is 45-70 Government!

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