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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost2vp View Post
    Would love to see a production, affordable, short barrel, big bore (revolver caliber) lever action. Such as one of your X models in 460 S&W, 454 Casall, 500 S&W, 500 JRH or 500 Linebaugh. Or all of them!!! One in 500 Linebaugh would be on at the top of my list to buy!!!
    wouldnt making one in S&W 460 cover the 454 Casall and the 45LC all in one?
    i wonder because the pistol you can shoot all 3 though.

    but as its been said over and over.
    9mm and 460 for me!

    as a fella that has a AR-7 i would love to see it in 9mm but it would have to be redesigned and made better.
    while i like the AR-7 it does NOT stand up to living in the North.
    the all plastic stock means that if you take off the butt pad at any temp below zero its gonna break.
    plastic shroud on the barrel, gonna break.
    plastic bolt ends, gonna break.
    in short, make it but with no plastic or at the very least some thicker better plastic for cold weather.
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    I will stays where I'm at 'til you knows where I'm to
    Would be interested in a 9mm lever or even bolt. Plinking fun with punch or even a close-range hunter.
    And welcome!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyblt View Post
    A double barrel double shooting 45-70 lever action
    Now that's cool ! Maybe a bit painful.

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    500 S&W Mares Leg for me.
    As a camp gun, it would compliment my 45-70 Wild Life very nicely!

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    Side loading all what you have tube is easy to lost and not fast to reload
    9mm/44/45 lever action 16 inch
    Double rifle in 45-70 or 30-30 or 8x57

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    Very cool for you to ask us, Henry company. I am enjoying the replies, there are so many different suggestions lol.

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    A fast cycling (pump or lever action), 16 inch rifle in 223/556 that takes detachable, proprietary magazines that hold 10 or more rounds, has ghost ring sights and is under 7lbs. This is to get around the ever increasing prohibitions on semi-auto 223s and the 5 round limit on detachable box magazines that can be used in said semi-autos. The only thing that currently comes close is the Troy PAR 223 but it uses AR style mags and so are limited to 5/10 rounds. Build something like this and you will never keep up with Canadian demand!

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    Side gate lever 38/357. What's taking so long?

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    The volcanic.

    I'm sure you could make it strong enough to handle a few more modern rounds like the 38 special or the 44-40.
    Bush hunter!

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    Model X in Canada, especially one with wood furniture please!

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