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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    for asking.

    9mm pump action with 14”-16” bbl. Mag fed is great—either using a common existing pistol mag or a large capacity proprietary mag. Failing that, side loading gate is a good runner up. Multiple attachment points for accessories would be appreciated too.
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    An extendable buttplate whose mechanism is contained within the butt stock, that gives a few more inches LOP on the Mares Leg... for those situations where precise shot placement is necessary. I can shoot these things close enough to count with close targets, but another 6" (or more if possible) would foot the bill. Obviously don't compromise the current dimensions, just that option concealed in the stock for when needed. If I had machine tools I'd have made one for myself already.
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    For the easy answer: people love guns in the same calibres as their pistols. I don't know why, but they do. So, basically 9mm, .45ACP and anything else you don't make now.

    For the outrageous answer: a lever action revolver rifle. Maybe something in that 500 S&W people have been asking for. Basically a single action trigger and hammer that advances the cylinder and cocks the hammer by the lever. It could be a 5 shot for 500 S&W, 45-70 and the bigger calibres, and 6 shot for the .357, .44 mag, 45 colt, etc. ... I know, nuts isn't it!!!

    But you asked.

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    I'd love to see a left handed lever action. I know, I know, it's not necessary... but it'd be nice to have something tailored to a lefty(left side loading, left side ejection).

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    44 Rem mag pump
    Skinner sights
    16.5” barrel
    Compact with the pump slide extending back far towards the receiver so all arm lengths can shoot it comfortably without stretching

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    Volcanic pistol in a useable cartridge.

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    Side loading Mares leg ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battleworn View Post
    also make something in 9mm !
    The first thing I thought but you beat me to it. Why? Because it's cheap and more fun than .22lr. That's why.

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    What would be nice is just more rifles making their way north.
    Side gate 16" barrel steel reciever in the revolver calibers.
    Same as above but in all weather configuration.
    I would definitely like to see a long range in 358 winchester as well.
    It would be nice to see your single shots with a more usable trigger. Heavy triggers are the most common complaint I have heard from people.
    More single shots in 357 mag making their way north of the border would be nice, not many made it up this way and I have been searching for a long time to get one.
    I'm glad you actually listen to your customers, something most company's dont do.
    Glad you brought out side gate loading and changed your rifling twists in your 44 mag to something people can actually use.
    More single shots in 357 with lighter trigger springs!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MosinMan13 View Post
    Absolutely 9mm side gate lever action, something short, carbine
    ^yep, all of the above. I'd love an all-steel, matte finish receiver..but realize what that could do to the price. Not a huge fan of overly glossy guns, so like MosinMan13, a carbine-length, side gate lever action 9mm in a satin finish with wood furniture-I might break my "no lever gun" rule.

    I read the first 10 pages then decided to this might have been mentioned already. I'd love to see the single-shots a little more affordable, but what would thrill me more would be a heavy barrel, falling-block action rifle offered in rimfire..and light varmint calibers, no iron sights, matte-finish, and able to take readily-available pic rails. Would be a great target/varmint option, but would need to look "business"...not "shiny-hang-on-the-wall". For me to buy it anyway.

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