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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCDL View Post
    You're right. I misremembered. Though the plunger on the front of the 1907/1910 is still not really safe a design.
    It doesn't seem that unsafe assuming it's short enough to cock from the shoulder.

    Either way, now that the cocking handle isn't patented, they could swap that mechanism out for a cocking handle and there wouldn't be anything to worry about
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    Would be really nice to see a carbine in 762x25. Please.
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    Belt fed lever bullpup

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    Quote Originally Posted by yomomma View Post
    Belt fed lever bullpup

    I think the above is based on the 96 Ruger, but yes, cool.
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    what are the laws regarding belt fed and maximum capacity laws for rifles, pistols and shotguns?
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    Ok, here is a quick photoshop of an X Model with: ghost rings, pic rail, and walnut stock. Would like to see something like this.

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    Maybe I'll do my take on a Long Ranger later on..

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    We're paying $1,600.00 plus tax for a 14 inch octagon barrel chromed take down .44 mag lever gun and $2,000.00 plus tax for the same gun in 45/70 . I have the .44 mag but the price of the 45/70 is out of reach . 14 inch is really important . The dealers can't keep the Chiapas in stock they sell so fast . Make the 14 inch Canuk version at a reasonable price and you'll likely sell a couple of hundred of them before you even make them . Chrome or stainless and synthetic stock with a ghost ring sight and the ability to add a pic rail or just make it with a pic rail . Take down isn't a deal breaker as i rarely take mine down . Anything around $1.400.00 Canuk bucks and i'll take two , seriously .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mumbles Marble Mouth View Post
    Not sure how a 9mm lever gun would work unless it was a box magazine instead of a tube.
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    Make a 0.45 ACP caliber rifle that takes advantage of the shorter cartridge to shorten the frame and give it the aesthetics of a volcanic carbine.

    Add an integral silencer to make it ideal for home defense in gun-unfriendly jurisdictions.

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    I like the idea of a 9x19 mm in a lever action with floating barrel and M-Lock type forearm and synthetic stock(can't look to close to an ar-15 or the govt will prohibit it. But I would love to be able to put my hand on a more affordable Sharps in 45/120. Such an open question and so many dreams!!!!

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