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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    9mm lever action rifle! takedown version will be better!!

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    A mag fed lever action in all black/ grey laminate stock which uses stanag magazines. .223, 300blk, ect. Build it to minimum Canadian length for portability. Also a version of the same as above in 9mm which takes glock magazines would be slick too

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    A revolving carbine. All we have in Canada is the revolving shotguns and the restricted circuit judge.

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    Big Boy All Weather with:
    Side gate
    Pistol Grip
    Laminated stock
    9mm, .38 /.357
    Picatinny Rail
    Ghost Ring sight option
    16" stainless barrel
    Oh wait, does Marlin already make this...?
    Henry, can make it better.
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    Honestly i would love to see a level that is designed for hard core outdoor/ survival 12.5 inch takedown with side gate and great sights. All rifle should be in durable weather reistant materials. There is only one producer that offers similar and their quality is nothing near henry
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    I am not quite sure a 9mm lever gun with a tubular magazine is practical, because people will be using a lot of cheap pointed round nose FMJ. That i am not sure it is kosher in a tubular magazine, ie in-magazine primer detonation when cartridges are lined up one behind another.

    10mm or 40 S&W are probably better choice, because the 40 cal bullets have flatter noses. It will also hold more ammo than 357/38 spl and pack more punch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Repeating Arms View Post
    Some of you have already seen that we recently became an Industry Member of this forum, and we're very excited to be here! Just because we're "Made in America, Or Not Made At All," doesn't mean that we don't love our Northern neighbors.

    Let's kick this off with an open-ended poll of sorts.

    We currently make over 200 different rifles, shotguns, pistols, and an "other". No doubt, there are a lot of different calibers and finishes to choose from, but do we make your ideal firearm?

    If you could take over project management for the next big Henry Repeating Arms release, what would you choose to get our talented engineers working on and why?

    Ross Rifle/actions in .308
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    #1 A rifle akin to the "Long Ranger" but with the ability to load from the top similar to a Winchester 1895.

    #2 A non break barrel single shot rifle at a cheaper price than a Ruger #1.

    #3 Factory or aftermarket peep sights for your lever action and single shot rifles.

    #4 A break barrel single shot with the lines of your current model, but with a longer barrel in large calibers.

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    I would like to see a Frontier model, with a mag tube going to the end, with a hooded front sight.
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    How about an AR15 version.

    Just kidding. I'm with the 9mm lever action group.

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