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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    in a 905 county that prohibits Sunday hunting with guns. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
    unless this has already been done, I'd like to see a falling block in 45-70 gov't.
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    Welcome Henry! I bought my first Henry earlier this year.

    I echo the want for a 9mm carbine of some sort, lever or pump (if you could sort out the magazine) or a compact non-restricted single shot would be cool too.

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    please make a big boy steel...side load...30/30 and .357 with wood furniture.

    Then take my $

    The cut outs on the butt stock of the side gates dont fit me, but your flush buttstocks do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Repeating Arms View Post
    Some of you have already seen that we recently became an Industry Member of this forum, and we're very excited to be here! Just because we're "Made in America, Or Not Made At All," doesn't mean that we don't love our Northern neighbors.

    Let's kick this off with an open-ended poll of sorts.

    We currently make over 200 different rifles, shotguns, pistols, and an "other". No doubt, there are a lot of different calibers and finishes to choose from, but do we make your ideal firearm?

    If you could take over project management for the next big Henry Repeating Arms release, what would you choose to get our talented engineers working on and why?
    A single shot falling block rifle. Different Models/options to appeal to 2 different markets currently occupied by the Ruger #1 ( modern hunting/sporting) and Winchester M1885 (traditional, cowboy, long range hunter, or Schuetzen rifle.

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    Actually, some garden gun models in .357 or other centerfire shotshells would be pretty neat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kodiakjack View Post
    What all do you see as being the limiting factors?
    A tube magazine needs a rimmed case to regulate the case when it is released from the tube and how it’s retained in the tube. Look at any firearm with a tube magazine included shotguns. All are a rimmed case. Even the .308 was converted to a rimmed case to make it work in tube mags. That converted case is called the .307win. Unless they made a pistol box magazine lever gun, or they introduce their own pistol cartridge that is a rimmed 9mm, I can’t see any other way to make it work. Introducing their own rimmed 9mm I imagine would just make people ask, “why not just buy a .357?” So box magazine would be the only effective way to make it work. I myself would prefer a proprietary magazine that fits flush or close to flush even if all it held was 5rds. If people wanted more rounds they could introduce larger capacity magazines and since it’s proprietary, they could make it have as many rounds as they want and it would still be legal. I like Glocks but sticking a Glock mag in a Lever gun is just an insult to lever guns.
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    Single shot, hinge style with interchangeable barrels. 44 mag, 357 mag 6.5x55 would be a good start!

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    Big Boy Steel with a side load

    30/30 and 45-70 Steel with a side load

    I just cant bring myself to buy the brass receiver and fancy embellished wood rifles you have now with the side load.

    Been thinking about the Marlins for this very reason. Ypu guys came so close to making a regular working man's rifles with a normal side load, but only made it in fancy form.
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    A rolling block rifle in 357mag or 17hornet would cause me to go deeper in debt.
    Ideally with a tang sight, or a tasteful rear peep.
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