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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    -454/460/500 mag fed lever in shorter barrels
    -affordable double rifle in common hunting calibers
    a)interchangeable barrels would be a great option
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    Whatever they decide, any new gun should always include he sidegate load. I'd like to see existing guns on their list to also move to sidegate. I have a couple of Henry's and I won't be buying any others unless they include it.

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    Wow. Almost seems like trolling except i know better. Like clock work someone suggest 9mm then next guy says glock mags then next guy will ask if its chrome lined. Lol.

    I think rather than a space lever gun what I want is a direct competitor to a Marlin 1895-GS (simple straight stock 45-70 side loader) but made on a Henry side gate action with Henrys quality and workmanship and a bigger loop. Obviously youd have to raise the price over a marlin but since finding a JM is hard these days and marlins quality control and fit is poor I bet people would snap up henrys given the chance and it would be an easy gun to bring to market as you basically make a lot of the right parts just already just not in stainless or in the right combination to my mind.
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    Big Boy X Model
    7.62 x 39 / 5.56 / .223
    16.5" threaded muzzle barrel
    AR mag fed
    pic rail from receiver to muzzle, or at least enough rail for optics and irons
    slightly more futuristic fore end and buttstock
    ebony stained wood option would be sweet
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    Gatling Gun!

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    This ! Cept to go in my truck

    Quote Originally Posted by hillbillyscatter View Post
    I agree with this the 22wmr mares leg with full stock is my go to truck gun.

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    An ar7 survival rifle in 9x19mm that takes Glock mags, a .50ae mare's leg & a semi auto pistol.
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    actually a big seller up here would be something in 7.62x25
    payment within 24 hours , if not i retain the right to cancel the deal

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