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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .45automatic View Post
    An ar7 survival rifle in 9x19mm that takes Glock mags
    ...or in .45 ACP or both. Also, something in .45 Colt.
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    honestly either a 460sw carbine lever or pump like the colt lightning, hence you could use the 45 colt 454 casual or 460 smith and wesson,you would get cowboy action shooters and big bore guys that would use the 45-70 market in one swoop huge target market there and wide appeal with a hint of tradition..... another gun would be something like the old ruger carbine in pistol calibers rugers pc carbine cant be kept in stock but do a henry take on it, whatever it is you must still make it identifiable as a henry,brand association, just go for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overlander2018 View Post
    1873 Springfield trapdoor 45-70. Carbine and full length.
    .....or perhaps a Martini action, both centerfire and rimfire?
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    460 s/w,500 magnum something big bore and ludicrous.
    Or a 30 round .223 mag fed rifle using proprietary magazine's
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    Quote Originally Posted by can14 View Post
    Make a plain model in 303 British
    Yup, would love to have a single shot 303 British

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    Welcome to CGN, great to have you.
    My favorite firearm I own is my Henry all weather .357 mag lever gun, I would love to see a take down version in classic and new pistol calibers. Maybe 9mm for cheap easy to find ammo and.500 S&W for some just plain fun and hunting

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    One of your lever action side loaded and tube feed in .416 can dream !

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    Single shot straight grip 44 magnum synthetic, with a 16 inch threaded barrel and open sights.
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    A falling-block rifle a la Winchester 1885 with a slightly lighter barrel. Some classic rimmed chamberings and more modern cartridges.
    I'd be in line for one in .30-30 or .250 savage or .257 Roberts or.....
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    anything in 28 ga would be great
    or what about a nice Howdah pistol in 20 ga x 20 ga or even better you guessed it 28 ga by 28 ga
    Thanks for asking

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