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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astute Observer View Post
    Came here to say something similar to this. All weather with a short barrel, 26.1" overall length. 44 Mag would be nice, but I'd die for one in .454 Casull that could also fire .410 shotshells and .45 Long Colt. You could do it - Taurus makes the Raging Judge Magnum that accepts all three cartridges, and a short barrel lever action carbine would be a perfect match for it. A 14" barrel should permit 4x or maybe 5x shells of .410, and 6x or maybe 7x .454 Casull rounds.

    You could really cut into the Chiappa Alaskan market if you wanted to take a bite of that apple - they're like $1800 Canadian, while I've seen your all-weathers out there for $1200. The Alaskans are expensive for what you get, and a cheaper alternative that could fire a variety of ammo (.45 long colt, .454 Casull and .410 shotgun shells) that's still Non-Restricted could really be attractive.

    Even better yet if you load the tube magazine from the side gate. Capacity would be limited given the length of the cartridges (particularly for .410 shotshells) but it would be fun as hell.

    A long barrel version would be cool too - better capacity and sight radius, and you would be able to sell to the US market no prob.

    Anyways, here's a crappy MSPaint edit I did... Think about it:

    This. Minimum oal (26”) 410 and 45/70 tactical lever gun with mloc forend and side gate loading. Perfect bear baiting/bear protection gun.

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    Something like this but with a dedicated rifle stock and a 14-16 inch barrel and rifle sights. Easy to reload compared to a Colt SAA type carbine it would be a great bush gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit_Bear View Post
    I'd buy an all-black version of the Classic Lever Action .22 Carbine model, with synthetic furniture and fiber optic sights like on the Big Boy X model. I prefer the loop shape on the Big Boy X Model.

    You could call it the Little Boy X Model.

    Barrel Length: 16.125"
    Barrel Type: Round Blued Steel
    Rate of Twist: 1:16
    Overall Length: 34"
    Receiver Finish: Black
    Rear Sight: Fully Adjustable Fiber Optic
    Front Sight: Fiber Optic
    Stock Material: Black Synthetic
    Finally someone with taste! Put me down for two!!!

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    38/357 lever with rear receiver peep sight.
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    A highwall design with interchangeable barrels.
    Or a stainless highwall in 308 or similar hunting cal

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeisEcks View Post
    Mentioned this a few pages ago. Totally agree, if made non-restricted in a manual action (not a double action), it could be designed to be ultra compact. Being able to swap the cylinders out for the caliber of choice or need would be great for guys. Note how popular the old handi rifles were. It is a scary domain though, example of a failed attempt, the circuit judge.
    There was a (recoil operated?) semi auto revolver made at one time, but practically speaking, there is no such thing currently made, as a semi auto revolver. Your finger pressure and long trigger action serves to rotate the cylinder, and cock the hammer; thus manual.

    I believe the carbine would have to be designed first, before a revolving pistol is made to have any hope of being non restricted. Otherwise it would be considered to be built off a restricted platform, and keep that status IIRC. Maybe someone can verify or refute that.

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    Nothing new, just stock the existing henry's better.

    Less new models, more stock in shops. Geez tried this spring to get a golden boy or a all weather .357 for local pickup and ...nada, blank, zip, zilch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1899 View Post
    I think a 9mm lever action, just long enough to hold 10 and the ability to employ a speed loader of some sort (maybe bottom load like a shotgun??) would be nice. Maybe two variations- one in blued/wood for cowboy action and synthetic/stainless with rail for plinking and 3 gun. Threaded barrel on the latter so folks in the USA could use a suppressor. Make it a short, smooth throw action for speed, a decent trigger for accuracy and speed and make it fairly lightweight.

    Cheap ammo, many folks already have a 9mm handgun, in a handy carbine - what’s not to like?

    I guess the issue is that it would need flat nosed bullets.
    Hmm... if only there was some way to speed load from the bottom! And a way to placate the nervous Nellys who would worry about the (inconsequential) recoil of a 9mm setting off a chain fire. I think I'll need to examine the Long Ranger, and a BLR. The answer will come to me shortly, I'm sure!

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    Whatever you do, Make more of them!

    We can't get enough to satisfy demand up here
    Less-reliant hobby farmer, proud dad, and marginal podcaster.

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    something in 454/410 16 inch barrel in classic lever and/or tacticool lever. 9mm or 357 sig would be cool too
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