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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderhog View Post
    I was curious after 42,000 views and no log in of Henry USA since July, I contacted Henry to see what was up.

    This was the answer:

    Hi John,

    Thanks very much for reaching out. It has definitely been a while since myself or our social media manager checked in on the forums, and we will make it a point to do so this week! As you can probably imagine, we have had our foot to the floor across the board as we head into hunting season, holiday season, coordinating record levels of production, and trying to manage the extreme demand that the firearms industry is experiencing at the moment.

    That's not saying that the forums aren't important though! We'll be checking in this week.


    Dan Clayton-Luce
    Communications Director
    Customer Service: (866) 200-2354

    Hunt with a Henry.

    This firearms manufacturer does so much for our shooting sports. CEO Anthony Imperato donates his time, money and rifles to help sick children in the United States.

    It warms my heart to see what their company does for children along with the amazing customer service they provide

    Thank you Henry USA from all of us Canadian hunters & shooters!.....

    Thank you Mr. Imperato!
    Nice! Can’t wait to hear from them! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

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    A side gate case hardened octagonal barrel 44 mag mare’s leg with skinner peeps and an extra full length stock shipped with, so it can legally be short for packing or longer when needed. I’m picky.

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    A quick and easy modification to your existing line; add a side loading gate to your all weather series.
    What I really want:
    Take down.
    Short barrel, greater than 306mm, 12.5” to 16”
    Large bore, hard hitting cartridge (45/70, 460, etc...).
    Stainless steel and synthetic, preferably a Hogue grippy stock. And when I say stainless I mean stainless steel, not some of it, all of it. Think salt water Emerson...
    Fibre optic front site. With protective ears.
    Ghost ring rear site, with protective ears.
    Detachable magazine.
    Lever or pump.
    Side eject.
    Drilled for optic rail.
    QD sling cups (3).
    Quality recoil pad.
    Decent trigger.
    Simple safety (half cock on lever or cross bolt on pump) which blocks the trigger when on (I.e.; doesn’t require anything other than taking the safety off to discharge if you forget it on and press the trigger).

    Build that and I’ll buy it, rave about it and not even complain on the price...

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    A better quality AR7 would be pretty awesome or similar takedown rifle. 9mm leaver also sounds cool!

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    Mares leg .22, full stock, skinner sights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pobcat View Post
    Mares leg .22, full stock, skinner sights.
    Another vote for this!

    Plus 44 mag please
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    A take-down 45-70 with 16-18.5” barrel, side load gate (as well as the tube feed Henry is known for), stainless steel components, and skinner peep sights / scope rail.
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    How about a new production rifle based on the Martini action?

    You could call them Henry - Martini's and they could be chambered in cartridges that are more available than the 570-450. You could make them a bit more deluxe than your existing single shot line so they wouldn't interfere with each other, think of something like a Pedersoli Sharps rifle but undercut them a bit ($1200 range).

    A 20"-24" barreled 303 Brit version would sell pretty well here in Canada, so would 45-70's. A mini action line in 357 Magnum, 22 Hornet, 22LR could be quite popular as well.

    Another consideration might be a Snider actioned sporting rifle to give the Springfield trap doors some competition. CAS people could use them in long range matches as well.
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    45-70 Stainless - Mares Leg
    45 / .410 short barrel

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    THIS IS THE WINNER, I need one of these !

    Quote Originally Posted by Astute Observer View Post
    Came here to say something similar to this. All weather with a short barrel, 26.1" overall length. 44 Mag would be nice, but I'd die for one in .454 Casull that could also fire .410 shotshells and .45 Long Colt. You could do it - Taurus makes the Raging Judge Magnum that accepts all three cartridges, and a short barrel lever action carbine would be a perfect match for it. A 14" barrel should permit 4x or maybe 5x shells of .410, and 6x or maybe 7x .454 Casull rounds.

    You could really cut into the Chiappa Alaskan market if you wanted to take a bite of that apple - they're like $1800 Canadian, while I've seen your all-weathers out there for $1200. The Alaskans are expensive for what you get, and a cheaper alternative that could fire a variety of ammo (.45 long colt, .454 Casull and .410 shotgun shells) that's still Non-Restricted could really be attractive.

    Even better yet if you load the tube magazine from the side gate. Capacity would be limited given the length of the cartridges (particularly for .410 shotshells) but it would be fun as hell.

    A long barrel version would be cool too - better capacity and sight radius, and you would be able to sell to the US market no prob.

    Anyways, here's a crappy MSPaint edit I did... Think about it:

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