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Thread: What gun should Henry make next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alvin1095 View Post
    Please make an interchangeable barrel single shot platform, kinda like the t/c pro hunter, but with better styling. So that we can buy a receiver and then fit different rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader barrels for different games.
    I would second this idea!
    Primarily, Anything in 30 Herrett!
    Lastly, something in .32 Win Spl.

    Shhh...I'm reloading

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    A stainless black finish, take down with a full length tube matched to a 16" barrel chambered in 45-70 with a rail machined into the receiver. Ideally with Skinner fiber optic hooded front sight and a 1913 rail mounted low profile ghost ring in the back.
    *Exchange offers expire within 24hrs*

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    How about just delivering some rifles and shotguns they already make? The cupboard is bare.

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