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Thread: Remington bankruptcy ?

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    I have one of the new Remington 870 dm and it’s got amazing machining both inside and out the action runs like hot knife in butter just like any other 870 I owned or used I have never had an issue with any Remington firearm I purchased old or new hell I have one of the 870 tactical s with the factory rail and ghost ring sights they were built on the cheaper line of 870 guns and it has probably 10 000 rounds on it maybe more and never once has it failed to fire or cycle anything I run through it. If I needed a gun to fight for my life I would bring that to the fight with no reservations

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    Remington used to be a great company. Not anymore. Remington 700 used to be the gold standard, now many of their actions are timed so poorly the don’t have any primary extraction. Cheap stocks, horrible triggers, lack of good magazines.

    When you have Tikka, Savage, Ruger, Howa why would you buy a Remington?

    Want a shotgun? Mossberg has a better pump. Benelli, Beretta, Franchi have better semi’s.

    I own a Remington and it makes me sad how far they have fallen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chago View Post
    Guys sandy hook was one of a gazillion law suits against them. How about all the class action suits for the dozens of dead people from their faulty trigger ? That they covered up for over 30 years and let it continue? I am not sad to see them go if I am being honest. And I have seen with my own eyes a Remington go off without the trigger being touched.

    I have a friend that had his Remington 700 go off when the bolt was closed ( like a slam fire ), unfortunately his trigger had been messed with by bubba, the want to be gun-smith. I would bet that the one you saw firing without the trigger being touched or pulled had a similar idiot mess with the trigger.

    I am not convinced Remington 700's fire by themselves, Yes I saw the MSM report, but who believes those Democrat liars.

    In saying this, Remington quality and control has taken a nose dive on some products.......
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    I have a brand new to Canada 12.5" barreled Rem 700 PCR short rifle in 308 Win there is nothing about this rifle that I do not like.

    Mind you the chassis is MDT and the magazine - grip - butt stock are Magpul just the barreled short action is Remington.

    I'm hearing only the first shipment of these rifles have come into Canada the rest are ready for shipment but are sitting in a warehouse somewhere in the States while the Remington receivership is dealt with.

    I bought it on Oct 26/20 it has already accounted for one grouse and 2 blacktail bucks.


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    Good riddance to a garbage producing company, if they come back I hope they start doing things like they did in the seventies, these days there are many other companies making superior products at better prices.

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    Feds and state are now investigating the new owners under labor law issues, they are probably trying to break the union there by the sound of things. Seems like new owners aren't too swift. Check out Guns and Gadgets Oct29th on You tube for a vlog and a link to Truth about Guns article;

    A reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous has passed on information to TTAG regarding a pending federal investigation into Remington Outdoor Company’s handling of the sale of company assets to the Roundhill Group and Remington CEO Ken D’Arcy.

    Multiple trusted sources close to the transaction report that D’Arcy was the man behind the Roundhill Group and used another individual as the group’s public face until the asset purchase was completed. Once Roundhill closed on the asset purchase, that person parted ways with Roundhill and D’Arcy’s involvement was made public.

    The heart of the pending investigation has to do with Remington’s termination of 585 Ilion, New York employees last week, refusing to honor union contracts which I am told required Remington to pay severance, vacation pay, and other employee benefits to terminated workers including health care. The benefits will be cut off as of October 31.

    Employees received news of the terminations over the weekend of October 23rd, 24th, and 25th by phone, with the terminations effective Monday, October 26, 2020.

    Backing up the Remington union workers is US Congressman Anthony Brindisi, who penned the following letter to John F. Ring, chairman of the National Labor Relations Board.

    Brindisi held a press conference regarding Remington’s treatment of the terminated workers on October 28.

    Congressman Anthony Brindisi joined the United Mine Workers Association informational picket today in Ilion. Brindisi announced a push, backed by the union, for a federal investigation into Remington Arms’ decision to deny benefits from union workers.

    “These hard working men and women deserve to be treated with dignity and they deserve the benefits they fought for,” Brindisi said in Ilion. “Remington is trying to leave this community and these workers high and dry, but we aren’t going to let them. I am calling on the National Labor Relations Board to step in and investigate this issue.”

    Sources with knowledge of the situation tell TTAG that the NLRB will, in fact, be launching an investigation into the firings and benefit cuts.

    Also shared by the union was the following flyer:

    Sources tell TTAG that in addition to the terminations and loss of benefits, the union and employees are angered by D’Arcy presiding over the fall of the company, then hiding his involvement in the group bidding on the Remington-branded firearms business in order to regain control after the bankruptcy and dissolution.

    We have asked Remington for comment on this story, but have not received a reply yet. This story is developing and will be updated as information becomes available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maple_leaf_eh View Post
    YouTube channel Small Arms Solutions used to work for Colt's in Hartford. He has had inside visibility on how gun companies should work, but how the grand old ladies of the trade seem to lose their way. He is invariably savage on how non-gun people should never have the keys to the proverbial kingdom.
    I am still rather shocked when I think about how CEO's of big businesses can go from Coca Cola or Levi's to Colt or Remington and have no real understanding of or feeling for the product.
    To them it's all the same. Just make decisions to look good during their term of employment, and not caring if their poor management causes the company to disappear after they are gone.
    We are annoyed by the assumption on the part of certain public figures that the citizen should be able to prove the need for the citizen to acquire a means of protecting himself. The citizens personal needs are certainly no business of the state. Liberty, when it's in place, grants the right of the citizen to do what he chooses, as long as he does not stamp on the rights of others.


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    Political grandstand.We'll see if NLRB actually initiates an investigation.
    The sale was an open bidding process, supervised by a Judge in Federal Court.
    The proceeds are paid to the court and the Judge will decide who gets paid.
    Remington Outdoors doesn't have money from this sale to pay anyone.
    Not saying it's right, just the way it is.

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    Again? Didn't they go bankrupt back around 2010 too and get a bailout or we bought out or something?

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