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Thread: WS-MCRs are In Stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by apexanimal View Post
    Good this should stop the gougers on the EE for a few days lol
    Nah,they're probably the ones who bought them. Will let them sit in safe for a few months then resell for $1800-$2000. "Never shot. Selling cuz I have three in safe and don't need"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratzilla View Post
    I've seen the WS-MCR with different stocks on them. Are these ones as pictured?
    Some of these guns have faulty stocks. The knockoff Magpull stocks they have sometimes can’t hold a position or they can’t adjust at all. So with lots of stores having a pretty good pile of prohibited AR in their inventory and the MCR being a hot item right now, I imagine lots of stores are talking it upon themselves to switch the faulty stocks out so they can avoid down time of sending them back or waiting for a replacement stock. I’ve seen some so far with DPMS stocks and some with ATI stocks.
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