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Thread: On Sale:$98.88 Caldwell CrossWind Pro Wind Speed Indicator LCD Display

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    On Sale:$98.88 Caldwell CrossWind Pro Wind Speed Indicator LCD Display

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    Caldwell CrossWind Pro Wind Speed Indicator LCD Display Green 112500

    Sale Price:$98.99
    Regular Price:$109.99

    The Caldwell Cross Wind Electronic Hand Held Wind Meter was designed to give you every reading you would need for ballistics applications. This wind meter has a 90 degree rotating head giving you a reading of cross wind affecting your shot. No more calculating angles or moving your wind meter to get this value. With an included holster, this compact wind meter will give you all of the important environmental data that will be important to your shooting situation. The large buttons make this unit glove friendly to use in all weather conditions. Stop guessing and take the Cross Wind with you next time you head to the range.

    - Wind speed (current, average, maximum)
    - Temperature
    - Station pressure
    - Barometric pressure
    - Altitude
    - Density altitude

    - Rotating anemometer head
    - Water resistant
    - Backlight
    - Automatic power-off
    - Data hold
    - Lanyard
    - Protective holster case
    - Large buttons
    - Tripod mount

    Battery: One CR2032 (included)
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    Very interesting. Is this the first product to challenge Kestrel's monopoly on the anemometer market?
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