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Thread: A sign of things to come...

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    bullets are the new toilet paper lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parabellum08 View Post
    enough of Fear !!
    Do you mean the fear of ammo shortages here? I think this is a very valid concern. Most of our imports come from the US or from Euro sources that also ship to the US. The Euro sources would rather ship a container to the US at $400/box than to here. For US manufacturers, it's also easier to keep their supply domestic rather than export.

    This isn't fear mongering, this is reality.

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    Ya I ain't seeing it - my usual online suppliers have lots of stock and are even having sales etc, the big box place has a ton of ammo, there are even new guns coming onto the market. I remember 5-6 years ago when the US was about to invade Libya and Syria you couldn't even buy a bag of .308 brass that's not the case at the moment, there seems to be lots of supply.
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    That's just a fluke. One dummy buyer.

    You guys sell 9mm ammos for 15$/box. That's 300$/1000, or 1/3 the price of that auction. Other store are priced similarly to you. So the buyer was too dummy to get on IRG and buy directly from a store.

    That's not a sign of what the market price is, that's a sign that one guy is a complete dummy with too much money on his hands. Hardly surprising considering there's over 300M people in the country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidxm View Post
    Bad news for people who need ammo. But for people prepared with stockpiles...

    Which vendors are going to print the I survived the ammo shortage/scare of 2020 shirts? Im in for a medium.

    I'm thinking IRG's T-shirts with that saying and the IRG insignia. I'll take a large or extra large depending on actual sizing......

    IRG, please jump on this one!
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    when did production of ammo and components stop? production is steady, demand is not.

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    When PMC has their own 9mm ammo on their own website for $17USD for a box of 50, and cheaperthandirt has them at $20USD a box. They might be $14CAD up here,but that'll change real quick. Primers and projectiles are the issue of short supply. It is happening, and will hit here just delayed from less of a demand with less gun owners in comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Hancock View Post
    We have an abundance of raw materials, just need a motivated population.
    So forget about it, were out.
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    Anybody can ask crazy price on the internet. It does not mean it sell.
    Adds mean nothing.

    Many guns and products sell cheaper on Gunbroker than in Canada and it does not mean Canadian dealer price get any cheaper..

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    True that!

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