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Thread: A Huge Success..the CCFRs March in Ottawa

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    A Huge Success..the CCFRs March in Ottawa

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    There had been a lot of momentum in the past few years building up to this day. As it seems every corner we turn as a community gets met with another form of frustration.The CCFR has been able to gather the Law Abiding Citizens to March at Parliament Hill today. Please watch for live feeds on Facebook and Instagram. We will post throughout the March if we can. Stay safe and see you at the March. We all know there are a lot of people here in spirit. Donate to the CCFR at #ccfr #ccfr_ccdaf #firearmrights @ccfr_ccdaf @thegunblog #lawabidingcitizen #canada #wearenottheproblem #criminalsdontfollowgunlaws

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    Just hit the road from London to Ottawa. Please everyone travel safe and keep an eye out for us and say hello. Here is a last request from the CCFR’s Rod Giltaca “Hey Everyone,
    Consider this our last request for support regarding the Integrity March tomorrow in Ottawa (Saturday, Sept 12). If you are in the local area or at least within reasonable driving distance from Ottawa, we need you here. This march is the first (nationally-organized) for gun owners since the 90’s. The CCFR, our members and our volunteers have worked incredibly hard and have addressed every detail. The Ottawa Police and PPS have assured us their protection. We have a 3-camera film crew, EMT’s, signs, flags, bagpipers and Covid protections. If you were going to do something to show the government that you do not accept their lies and persecution, do this.

    The only way we can match the attendance of the Fed-Up rallies in the 90’s is if you get in your car and show up. Ask your friends to come with you too, the whole event is probably going to take one hour.

    If you can possibly make it for tomorrow at 1pm on Parliament Hill, please do. If you plan on attending, it is essential that you read the Integrity March Survival Guide. You need to know why we’re marching and what we’re planning. “

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    The CCFR takes your health & safety seriously. We want to avoid any increase in new cases and encourage all participants to take as many precautions as possible, including wearing a mask. Keep in mind this is a public relations exercise, not a debate on the effectiveness of masks, or mandatory regulations.

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    Make sure at the March you pick up your Drink Box Water Bottle Sorta Thingies!

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    Canadian gun owners have been under attack by the Liberal government since the 2015 election. Bill Blair’s reaction to a horrific tragedy in Nova Scotia committed by a madman with a known criminal past and illicit firearms was to punish legal, RCMP vetted gun owners with a mass gun ban and confiscation plan, all during a global pandemic and a suspended parliament.
    The CCFR is taking the fight to save your guns all the way to the Supreme Court, if need be. We will make sure your voice is heard in Ottawa and beyond.

    BUT … you need to also be seen.

    We are “marching on Ottawa” on Saturday, September 12, 2020 @ 1:00pmEST – The Integrity March. We are going to the capital of Canada, where the laws are made and the lawmakers are, to demand integrity from our politicians and in the decisions they make. Canadian gun owners want a safer Canada too – and we demand credible work on crime and violence.

    Will you join us?

    We’re going to start right in front of centre block on Parliament Hill where we’ll hear from a few speakers, then we’ll march our way through Ottawa, led by a team of bagpipes and drums. We’ll have lots of signs, flags and banners on hand for you as you exercise your right to be heard and seen. Rod, Tracey and the whole CCFR crew will be on hand, joined by thousands of concerned Canadians.

    It’s your Right in Canada.

    The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly. We are encouraging our members to exercise your fundamental right of assembly peacefully and cooperate with the direction of the CCFR organizers and accompanying security.

    Covid got you worried?

    The CCFR takes your health & safety seriously. Canada is currently in the midst of a pandemic. Mass gatherings, such as a demonstration, technically go against the CDC’s recommendation to continue social distancing, and we want to avoid an increase in any new cases and encourage all participants to take as many precautions as possible. Recent similar events did not result in a surge in cases and we are confident we can be heard, safely. This event is strictly an outdoor activity.
    CCFR will have masks on hand for those that find it difficult to social distance.
    The CCFR also encourages the use of hand sanitizer and washing your hands as much as possible. We’ll have lots of sanitizer on site to keep everyone’s hands clean.
    Lastly, if you are feeling sick or have a fever, do not attend. You will reduce the risk for everyone by staying home.
    Stay safe, stay healthy.

    Accommodations are available.

    For those coming from out of town, local hotels have offered some discounted rates to our guests. Contact the hotel directly to make arrangements but be advised some on-site amenities like restaurants or pools may not be available due to Covid restrictions.

    Delta Hotels by Marriott (Ottawa City Center) 101 Lyon Street (4*Star) 613-237-3600


    Ask your local gun shop or range to organize a bus trip. The CCFR has assembled a “how to” for organizers. We’d be happy to send it to you or your favorite shop or range. Contact us for a copy:

    **Silence is interpreted as approval. The time is right to take a stand and demand better for all Canadians. Start making your arrangement now**

    #IntegrityMarch – Ottawa, Parliament Hill 1:00pm

    Can’t make it? You can still help.

    For those of you who can’t make it to Ottawa, there are still some important things you can do from home that will make a big difference:

    Become a member of the CCFR HERE
    Donate to the largest and most important legal challenge on behalf of gun owners in Canadian history HERE
    Sign these petitions and ask your friends and family to do so too: E-2574, E-2576, E-2582
    Send the “What Can I Do” link to everyone on your contact list and ask your clubs and retailers to send it in their newsletters.
    Share the Canadian Firearm Quiz with everyone you know
    Write your MP, Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau and let them know you don’t approve of their action, silence implies approval.
    Never vote for a Liberal candidate in an election again

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    Check out Tracey Wilson on Canada’s best Pro Firearm Podcast. Slam Fire Radio.

    Attention sport shooters, hunters, retailers and gun club executives.
    Bullseye North Staff will be in attendance - Join Us!
    Please go to the link above to read about the September 12, 2020 march on Parliament Hill. Demonstrate your support of firearm rights in Canada and show your support for the CCFR’s legal challenge of the Order in Council ban of legal firearms.
    We need to take a stand. The government and media have been ignoring our concerns as Covid-19 issues consume all the attention. It is our time to be noticed and counted.
    There are over 2.4 million legal firearms owners in Canada. All civilian firearm ownership is at risk and they keep expanding the ban on our legally obtained firearms. Be seen and be heard. Organize a road trip with your friends.
    Some key points to remember. The media is not our friend. They will be looking for video clips of people being obnoxious and unruly. We need to present the image of normal law-abiding people. Any false steps will tarnish all of us.
    Please dress casually. Camo or tactical gear will get you on TV with the broadcasters saying how “Rambo” the shooters are. Similarly, signs that are rude or ignorant will not convince the average non-shooting Canadian that we are not the problem. We don’t need the Liberal media and anti-gunners portraying us as extremist.

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    Going plus 4

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    I would love to go but currently would have to quarantine for 14 days when I got back to Nova Scotia, hopefully the rule will change by then

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    See if I can convince my wife to attend. She makes a pilgrimage to visit her relatives in Ottawa every so often.
    She loves bagpipes so that could be the clincher.
    CSSA/CCFR Member ē An unjust law, is no law at all.Martin Luther (1483-1546)
    There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. Elie Wiesel

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    Totally going and I'm taking my 2 brothers who aren't gun guys.
    CCFR Member

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    I'll be there. I complain about the OIC enough on the internet, I'd feel like too much of a hypocrite not to show up lol

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    Everyone who can go....GO

    Thanks Bullseye for posting this. Need Numbers.
    CCFR Member

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    Will definitely be going! Now need to convince a few people to join me. Get those numbers up.
    Donít let them treat us like criminals.

    Member of CCFR, CSSA, NFA, OFAH and IDPA

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    Thnx for Posting, everyone who can, should go! Let's see how long b4 the 'troll' idiots come on here with their bs. like in the other thread.. & they are supposed to be fellow Gunnutz. We need stand together & Quash' those idiots.

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    buses would encourage more attendees.

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