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Thread: A cost effective lightweight chassis for the Ruger American Ranch rifle coming soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRUNGUNS View Post
    These are a little different. these chassis includes the folding rear stock option, the rear stock assembly as well as the anti cant shroud.
    ICD chassisís are not just for the American ranch, they will fit a normal American or predator depending on your stock mag configuration. Iíve been waiting for this to come to canada for two years, but for that price itís a no go. Just sell us the barebones chassis please, and Iím sure Iím not the only one that would wait a little longer for the new short arca handguard that Gary has been teasing us with on the ruger american fb group.

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    You've added $300USD worth of stuff that I don't want. Almost doubling the cost of the chassis ($400>760).

    I hope you're planning to bring in the bare bones version.
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