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Thread: The new NR NoDak Spud NDS 18SC

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    We understand you're frustrated.

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    On average we move 5 to 8000 magazines to Canada every month.

    We do not have the ability to contact every customer and let them know what the regulations are for magazine capacity.

    We do not refund on magazines that have to be modified and exported to Canada.

    We also hope that you would know the current magazine restrictions set forth by the RCMP on the firearms you own.

    We have closed your account and would like to thank you for your past business.

    The IRUNGUNS Team

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Silencer View Post
    Irungun was always a garbage company with awful customer service. I hope this will open peoples eyes up to what kind of business they are. Probably not though.
    Last edited by IRUNGUNS; 08-18-2021 at 01:04 PM.

    Flat rate shipping to Canada is 25.00USD on all accessory and ammunition orders regardless of quantities ordered. Firearms are exported to Canada at a flat rate of 25.00USD per firearm.

    The IRUNGUNS Team

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    Thanks for the update, glad to finally hear some word at least. Look forward to getting pics eventually.

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    While you're still designing can you round out the back of the receiver to feel similar to an AR? The current 180 offerings all feel like your hand is pressing up against a brick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRUNGUNS View Post
    Rifle update.

    IRUNGUNS and everyone else are working as diligently as we can on this project. We know everyone is frustrated but given everything that is going south of the border we are doing the best we can.

    We ask that everyone please understand there are several companies involved in this project and every one of them including us has a full plate, we all have very hard time keeping up with current demand.

    There have been a few changes in the design of the rifle to ensure long term reliability and flawless functionality.

    It needs to be perfect, it can’t short stroke, and needs to work with not only the best ammo but it needs to chew through Wolf steel case as well. Tolerances must be maintained while ensuring no excessive wear points.

    The rifle will be a side charging piston driven platform with last round bolt hole open.

    Some of the design changes are to improve the adjustable gas system and functionality or aesthetics of the rifle to be able to utilize all AR-15 accessories. I.E hand guards, stocks, barrels, LPK’s, and so on.

    We are doing it this way so there is upgradability and so everyone can utilize the parts or most of the parts off their current platform.

    We are very excited to share the progress, but we will not show you one thing and build another.

    The IRUNGUNS Team
    This thread was started in September 2020...

    INB4 gun still vaporware in 2022

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldRussian View Post
    While you're still designing can you round out the back of the receiver to feel similar to an AR? The current 180 offerings all feel like your hand is pressing up against a brick.
    While you're at it, can you change the angle of the mag well and get rid of that forward slope that all the current 180 offerings have? Doing this would really differentiate your rifle from everyone else's.

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    Somewhere between "WTF?" and "FTW!".
    Quote Originally Posted by IRUNGUNS View Post
    Rifle update. ...we will not show you one thing and build another.


    Who would do such a thing?

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    Thanks for the updates! Don't mind the grumpy fellows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRUNGUNS View Post
    The rifle will look very similar to this other than the furniture will be black Magpul MOE. The rifle will have an a Gen 2 gas piston upper with a 18.6" barrel, adjustable gas system and side charging.

    There are also a number of updates to the upper in order for it to mate with the NR NoDak billet lower receiver.

    The lower receiver is a sub compact hybrid of the original NR NDS 180. These receivers will not be compatible with the 180B platform.

    PWS will be assembling and test firing the compete rifle prior to it being shipped to our facility to ensure the highest quality control.

    We are currently working out the logistics in order to finalize a timeline and current pricing. We are currently looking somewhere around the 1400.00 USD mark delivered to Canada. Dealer enquires are also welcome.

    Given the current market conditions and everything that is currently going on in the US we can expect a few delays but current forecasts are 60 to 90 days.

    We should be able to update everyone later this week.

    The IRUNGUNS Team
    This post (and the pws partnership) had me under the impression that the rifle was going to copy the BRN QD MLOK handguard.

    It's instead going to use AR15 handguards?

    Clarity on this would be appreciated, waiting out for a BRN copy is why some people are waiting for this instead of buying another 180 option.

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    IRG has always done right by me. Sure there were communication delays at times but they have far more customers than just me.

    I for one will keep shopping with them and I’m watching this closely.
    Looking for members in Grande Prairie Alberta interested in wilderness skills, survival skills, camping, prepping, shooting, etc.

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    I keep seeing this thread pop up and would love to see the final product. Been holding off on the current AR alternatives because they don't do it for me. Hope this works out.
    CCFR, CSSA member!

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