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You guys realize that Vicar is Mick Boon IE ########. So yes those that said he is a troll were 100% correct. Have a read up on the saga of the idiot formerly known as ########. I cant even write his CGN name on here its been blocked ahahaha. Instead of flogging his illegal STENGUNS in SASK, now hes flogging his idiotic barrel mount. I knew it was him because he keeps posting this same garbage on the canadian facebook gun groups. Then I looked at the video he linked on CGN from youtube. The idiot used his real name on youtube for his account. Also he ripped me off on an antique webley once. He has had tables at the edmonton gun show before, it would not surprise me in the least of he was the one flogging his LMG for 3k lol.


Get bent you scammer
i agree with all the above ...except the idiotic mount part.... i use this set up for several sks and its fantastic.
people have been doing it for years on AKs.