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Thread: still selling magnum research Desert eagles?

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    CGN Ultra frequent flyer caramel's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by VinnyQC View Post
    I got the double barrel/mag (50/44) for under 2k$.

    I pity the fool who's first gun is a DE.
    Thank you for the nice words, my first handgun i bought is a DE 44 mag gold... Holala

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    Quote Originally Posted by caramel View Post
    Thank you for the nice words, my first handgun i bought is a DE 44 mag gold... Holala
    Yeah, first handgun, but first gun?

    Mine keep needing the princess treatment. If I take care of it correctly it works flawlessly, but otherwise it becomes the jam-o-matic that people say it is. All my other guns can be treated like a backstreet whores and they keep working fine. If my only reference to owning a gun was my DE, I would have given up. I would think that guns are way too much trouble. As part of the herd though it's fun fun fun.

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    We are currently sold out, product availability is non existent. Manufacturers do not have the ability to keep up with demand.

    Quote Originally Posted by vince514 View Post
    i just cannot find them on like they used to have like 99 models available in the three calibers.

    they still have barrels and magazines but that's it.

    Anyone have infos?

    would like to buy another one..


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