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Thread: You guys make a fine piece of craftsmanship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squadron303 View Post
    Could you post your build specs? Thanks in advance.
    Sure, I believe this is most of it:

    - ATMS upper/lower
    - JP conversion kit (+ barrel)
    - Maple Ridge Defiant muzzle brake
    - STNGR rptr handguard
    - TriggerTech curved Diamond trigger
    - DD lower parts kit
    - Primary arms acss 22lr 1-6 scope
    - BCM grip
    - Splattering of strike industries red parts for some pizzaz
    - BlackDog mags recommended over cmmg

    [edit] JP kit modded by ATRS
    WTB: Surefire 300 Ultra

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    Quote Originally Posted by gougha View Post
    Agree entirely with ATRS post above. My question is why are we (and CGN generally) not taking the same position as we are with the Modern Sporter with Derya Mk12s and the like. There is virtually no possibility of a court somehow morphing a Derya Mk12 into an "AR15 variant" and yet no one sells them on the EE anymore. I find this very strange.
    They are great shotguns and undoubtedly the rats at cbsa will not allow anymore into the commie republic of kanadastan, so most guys are likely keeping them. I know I am not going to let mine go. Too much fun to shoot!!

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    Awesome picture OP, great to see the next generation getting into our sport, kudos to you
    Defund the CBC

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