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Thread: Left Hand T1x ETA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gofast240 View Post
    And another update from Stroeger;

    Good Afternoon Darwin.
    Thank you for your inquiry and ongoing interest in the Tikka family of firearms.
    Sako has again delayed the launch/delivery to Q1 of 2022 for the reasons previously mentioned.
    Apologize for the delay on our part; however, outside of our control.

    George Wallace
    National Accounts Manager, Purchasing
    Stoeger Canada – A Beretta Group Co.
    T. 905.436.9077 x222
    Q1 2022. Ugh. The freakin' right handed people will have had theirs for a decade by the time we actually see them at this rate...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gofast240 View Post
    Got this back from stroeger this morning in regards to our T1X .22 left hand

    Good Morning Darwin!
    Thank you for your interest in the Tikka family of firearms.
    While the T1x LH is currently available in 17HMR, Sako had decided on some improvements with respect to the 22LR magazine before putting it to market.
    As a result, it is our hope that the latter will be available by the end of Q2.
    That is, hopefully without any further delays or production/shipping pressures as a result of COVID.
    Any specific details beyond this would otherwise need to be directed to the factory.
    Trust this best provides the information being sought.
    Again, thank you for your inquiry.

    George Wallace
    National Accounts Manager, Purchasing
    Stoeger Canada – A Beretta Group C
    What a lame excuse.

    Somehow, that hasn't prevented them from continuing to release right handed T1X's with those inferior mags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Highwind View Post
    I could never figure out why some RH shooters response to threads Related to LH shooters and their rifles... And yes there are plenty of right handed people who are left eye dominant. And it's not hard to realize how many potential LH rifles and other firearms could fit the market of shooters that are out there.
    the market is mostly not interesting gun makers. we re so few really buying left hand firearms ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_T View Post
    IMHO you'd be better off contacting the Importer/Distributor rather than a Dealer.

    Stoeger brings them in

    edited due to correction/brain fart

    Stoeger Canada's pricing is always more than AF, example 1301 4 inch Picatinny rail $96 at AF/Stoeger Canada $104. And AF is one if not the only Beretta Boutique store in Canada. I always check with AF first.

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