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Thread: Production Updates

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    Thumbs up Production Updates

    Greetings everyone. First of all, it's been a while since we were able to visit these boards, but we are going to make it a point to respond to as much as we possibly can and/or create some new posts every week on Fridays. We were floored by the response on our last post and we got some fantastic feedback from you all regarding what you would like to see us make next.

    Here, we would like to post a status update on where we stand with production as we have seen some misinformation out there regarding our production levels.

    Our Bayonne, New Jersey (right across the river from Brooklyn, NY) was closed down entirely from mid-March to mid-May because of the virus conditions. When we began reopening this facility in mid-May, we did so with minimal staff and cautiously worked our way up to bringing everyone back. We are now at 100% capacity in New Jersey. While these facilities were closed, we tooled up some additional machines in Wisconsin to be able to deliver some quantities of H001 Classic Lever Action .22's, H002 U.S. Survival AR-7's, and H004 Golden Boy rifles. These 3 are typically our most popular models around this time for Christmas gifts.

    Our Wisconsin facility has remained operational all year. However, we have been hampered by materials shortages and supply chain delays from vendors who have faced issues resulting from the virus. These are issues that we are still facing to this day due to the immense backlogs that began piling up not only for us, but with our materials suppliers and other vendors. It is getting better though.

    This is all to say that we are fully operational, making and shipping guns at record levels. Despite our best efforts, quite a few of our models like the Axe .410, X Models, pistol caliber carbines, etc. are still harder to find than we would like. This is due to a huge surge of demand mostly stemming from political and societal winds on our side of the border. For right now, we're keeping our noses to the grindstone and apologizing for the delays that just about everyone is going to experience with their Henry purchase, regardless of where they live. We wish we could snap our fingers and open another manufacturing facility, but that's just not possible.

    We are humbled by the strong demand and are pushing hard to get back to being able to locate a firearm for every request for help that we receive. Thank you for your patience and support.

    TL;DR Our foot is to the floor and we are shipping record levels to our distributors and importers.

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    Thanks for the update and good to hear that you guys are back up to capacity.

    Now just waiting for that 9mm chambered 12” barreled side loading gate carbine to come along. Please and thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaneZoR View Post
    Thanks for the update and good to hear that you guys are back up to capacity.

    Now just waiting for that 9mm chambered 12” barreled side loading gate carbine to come along. Please and thanks!
    Nobody makes a 9mm Levergun... ??????????

    (Just to be clear, I know 9mm lever's don't exist. I was asking what the poster above means!!!!!
    Another wave of propaganda, and a new strain of BULLSHHT!!!

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    Great update. Not sure if you guys are replying to this thread but just in case are there any plans to bring out 30-30's with the sidegate in your other finishes (steel, all weather etc)?

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    Great update, please continue to make these great levers.

    Will happily buy more.

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    Great update for sure, but one question.

    I have been eying the Henry X in .357 and know of a local vendor who has them on order.

    That said, through my online research I came across one review where the person had to send the rifle back due to bullets keyholing due to an oversized barrel. I also recall another reviewer getting a rifle with an unusually heavy trigger pull.

    I realize that manufacturers have been under a lot of strain this year due to Covid-19 and now are at pains to catch up with record demand, but wonder what measures are being taken to ensure continued quality control under such challenging conditions? And more specific to the Canadian market, one of the challenges here is that it is not normally easy to ship a rifle back to the US for warranty work. If a Canadian customer does get a rifle that develops an issue, would there be a relatively quick way to accommodate their needs?

    Thanks for the work that you fellows are doing. I am the happy customer of a Henry Lever .22 and AR7 and would recommend your company based upon those purchases.
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    Im waiting on that sweet 9mm lever you guys are gonna make !

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    A great [ new model ] for us Canadians would be take the mares leg .22 [ not classed as handgun here and non-restricted ] and build with normal butt stock. Can be called Canada Carbine. I will purchase x2 when available. I have a large loop carbine .22 now that I use all the time and have had zero issues. Short barrell and regular butt sounds like a winner to me. cheers.

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    Time to build a factory north of the border? I've always wanted to work at a gun factory designing new toys! Haha

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    10mm levergun?
    Slava Ukraini!

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