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Thread: M17s bullpup in 5.56 non restricted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xathane View Post
    What would you guys pay for a 5.56 version today?
    If you actively hunt GB for the next month, you should be able snag a K&M upgraded bushmaster one for about $1,200 - $1,400 USD

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    I liked mine (308 version) but sold it due to not wanting a 3 grand safe queen. They are incredibly clean and well made. Basically boutique rifles. If anyone here does buy one, I recommend buying a bcm mod 2 grip and putting on the large backstrap piece.. You will have to dremel the beavertail a bit on the top as it wont fit due to the receiver curve. But that grip worked great for the gun based on its length of pull. Grip angle and spacing for trigger reach was spot on.

    Also, Ken M is easily reachable for email if you got questions on parts compatibility and spare parts information.

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