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Thread: Another Wrongfully Accused Gun Owner Protected By Firearm Legal Defence Insurance

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    Swatting is no joke and I actually know of people that fight crime "without a badge" who almost got shot and killed police due to false reports made by criminals that were on his radar.
    Long story short.... his continuous relationship with law enforcement had saved him from some of the trouble he had to deal with, but still....scaring day on this life.

    Criminals used a web-form in a police website to make false reports on his behalf and his place was raided by police.
    As of today, one of the individuals responsible for this action lives in jail and usually sends him some letters apologizing for his action.

    There must be a legal way to call out the people producing such fake reports and hold then accountable.
    It won't take long until some tragedy hits the news.

    Any chance CAPRI insurance can offer optional coverage just to prosecute and support conviction of false claims? I would love to see this people dealing the consequence of their actions from a criminal and civil manner.
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