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Thread: Another Wrongfully Accused Gun Owner Protected By Firearm Legal Defence Insurance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Lieutenant View Post
    Apples and oranges.

    Or should I say aspirin and ativan. (As in, I'm gonna take the former and you should take the latter).
    Having been present during a SWAT'ing type event at my brother's 45th birthday, initiated by a neighbour who was for some reason never charged nor even questioned regarding their highly suspect actions and motives, I can say from first hand experience that police sometimes act in ways which show little, if any regard for 'civilians.' Especially children. I won't go into details, just saying that it was one hell of an awful turn of events during an otherwise splendidly happy birthday party with a lot of family present. Police acted like idiots. Their token social worker was no better. We got close to no information, just a big black spot on the evening. Police do what they like, seemingly taking the position that it's better do barge in then make apologies later... only they never apologized.

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    Seems rather strange behaviour. just because someone said she is depressed and has firearms and license they barge in aggressively and handcuff her and cease her belongings?And then her medical reports show that there is no history of depression yet noone believes that for a long time? Doesnt sound right at all. Then again who knows with this "justice" system. I hope the story is true, in a way, and is not being made up to sell something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sphen View Post
    It's truly scary how true this is, and not enough people believe you when you tell them. I've gone through a similar scenario based on the story of an established mentally ill individual (but not regarding my guns). It cost us $25,000 in legal fees (50/50 the regular rate because our attorney could not believe how insanely stupid the charges were). It weighed like a cloud over our family's head for two years. It would have cost twice as much if we we'd gone to trial. Instead the crown finally realized how stupid the scenario was and dropped all charges. But not before our names got dragged through the mud.

    As for legal repercussions to get our money back....we were told we had none. However, we wanted to go after the OPP and not the accuser. Anyways, be careful out there, the system is deeply flawed when it comes to the falsely accused. At best you can hope for an "oops, sorry about that".
    If not your guns then what was this about?
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    Terrible. We live in a state of constant fear about this...
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge... - Hosea 4:6

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    Until you are the one stepped on, go ahead and call BS. Canadians can not and will not believe how wrong the system is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loosethoughts View Post
    Terrible. We live in a state of constant fear about this...
    And then there is people with mental illness and injuries afraid to seek help, because fear they are going to loose a hobby/life style that makes them happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Lieutenant View Post
    Sorry, but this sounds like a load bs. If this is a fictional example of a scenario to highlight the need for firearm-owners insurance (because this certinaly is an ad for it) then say so. Then find better writers. But if this is purported to be a real scenario, then there are a lot of missing/glossed over details and/or things possibly changed to suit the narrative.
    Pretty much what I thought when I read this. A very poorly written advertisement.
    Everything always works out in the end.

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    I can relate. Had an ex 12-15 years ago did something similar to myself. I had swat showing up after my ex told them I wanted a shootout with the cops. Took me almost a year to get my property and licence returned.

    Sickening how people can do this. Reminds me of politicians with all the lies

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    Nice to see the police officers treat someone with alleged "mental health issues" with such compassion... think they need a psyc eval and their own set of charges... and the department needs a judicial review.
    Looking down the barrel, of 1984...
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    Do you sell alien attack coverage for home and car? I saw a bright flashing light in the sky over the airport, think I'm going to need it.

    Can you send me copy of "Canada's Mental Health Act"? I can't seem to find one anywhere...

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