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Thread: Another Wrongfully Accused Gun Owner Protected By Firearm Legal Defence Insurance

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    This type of thing happens. A friend of mine who is LEO went to his girlfriend and broke up with her saying he made a mistake and was going back to his family. He went back to his matrimonial home. A short time later the police showed up and apprehended him under the mental health act. She apparently called police saying she broke up with him and that he said "I can't live without you." She then said he left her apartment and was going to get his work gun to kill himself. Well that never happened but that is what she told police. The cops went to his house and apprehended him under the mental health act. I went to the hospital that night and after the doctors assessment he was immediately released. He had to do a wellness check with his service before being allowed back on the road and armed.

    It was her word. The cops took it. You would never get a charge or conviction for mischief unless she gave a statement. Same thing goes for this example provided. Her ex would have to give a statement saying I lied.

    I'm not agreeing with the conduct but on occasion the police have no discretion and "shall" do some things. Its unfortunate that she had to go through that and it probably could have been better handled by the cops but I'm confused if it was MHA why was a crown involved? Mayne for the firearm seizure. Maybe 117 public safety?

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    Seriously, 95 bucks a year for a general legal assistance line is a pretty good deal.

    That is a tim horton's sandwich and a coffee a month - just pack your sandwich for a day once a month.

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    ^ What GT said. $95 is pocket change to be able to get an attorney on the phone.

    But seriously the original post reads like a bad amazon ad created by some company selling counterfeit goods from mainland China.
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    I sleep easier with this insurance. I have 3 friends and know of several others who have been raided without cause, had their firearms seized and had to duke it out in court to the tune of well into 5 figures, not to mention the stress. For $0.30/day this is a no brainer, especially given you can get 'the knock' on a whim in this country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Lieutenant View Post
    Sorry, but this sounds like a load bs. If this is a fictional example of a scenario to highlight the need for firearm-owners insurance (because this certinaly is an ad for it) then say so. Then find better writers. But if this is purported to be a real scenario, then there are a lot of missing/glossed over details and/or things possibly changed to suit the narrative.

    While "swatting" is real, so is kidnapping! Emergency medical calls just don't go down like that. And, compelling someone to seek a medical/psychological assessment under the Mental Health Act is not a criminal charge. Were any criminal charges actually laid? And what was this "application" that was mentioned?

    Also, what of the ex? Was anything done about him after? Like a mischief charge? Sounds like one should've been pursued, and if you want to spend our money on this... whatever this was, then we deserve to know what happened with that.


    It’s a very true and very real story.... I know the person who’s name is being withheld. I had a very similar issue in 2019 and was lucky that the local police mishandled everything and gave me grounds to file official complaints with the OIPRD that prompted action to restore what had been taken.

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    This x100000.

    Your guns will be gone in a heartbeat the moment someone makes an accusation about violence, poor mental state or whatever story they can concoct. The road to getting them back is a long and hard one and from what ive seen personally with some co workers and an old neighbor, you most likely won't unless you have some deep pockets for a good lawyer.

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    If you've ever called in to start or complete a restricted transfer... you'll recall that there is an option to report a "safety concern".

    I have no doubt the story is legit. Relationships-gone-bad can bring out the worst in people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Lieutenant View Post
    Apples and oranges.

    Or should I say aspirin and ativan. (As in, I'm gonna take the former and you should take the latter).
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    I just renewed mine the other day, I do wish it would be able to auto renew. It is kinda hard to forget to renew cause I believe I got 3 emails reminding me.
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    I am wondering if this insurance policy will cover legal costs if LEO charges you for possession of a prohibited firearm IF the firearm was not prohibited on the May 1st IOC but reclassified on the FRT after the fact. Seeing how the FRT is not law, my expectation would be YES, you would be covered but would like to hear from firearmlegaldefence.

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