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Thread: Henry Warranty and Parts in Canada

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    I bought a Henry Mare's Leg last fall. Out of the box the barrel was canted so the front sight is angled to the right. It almost looks like the person installing the rear sight noticed the misalignment and tried compensating for it by bending the rear sight in such a way that it was still located near the top of the barrel. Ive seen too many horror stories about Gretch to send it to him so Im left with a rifle that needs repair that I would like to use. I love the feel of it, just wish there was a reputable place I could send it to get fixed.

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    My Thompson Center 50 Cal Muzzy has been at Grech for 13 months now. Trigger blade broke before it was even fired once. Seem like a pretty simple repair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bunny View Post
    I received a new Henry single shot in .308 mid last week, this gun shouldnít have left the factory. It wasnít locking up properly, I spent about four hours properly fitting the the barrel to the receiver, now itís perfect. I did it myself because I know what Iam doing but mainly because I didnít want to take the chance sending it to Gretch. I shot it for the first time yesterday, and itís a great shooter with iron sights, I just mounted a fixed 4x for the next time out.
    Well I tried it with the fixed 4x, I shot some 150 Hornady SPís loaded with H4895 and it produced several nice sub MOA 5 shot groups, This gun is a winner!! But the scope feels unbalance for the size of the gun, I am going switch it out for a Leopold 1-4x.

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