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Thread: Henry Warranty and Parts in Canada

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    All I needed was the correct front sight for my H001TRP Small Game Rifle. Henry would not mail me the correct sight, I was told, I 'had' to go to Grech.
    Grech had no parts to correct issue, no idea how long or if he could get the correct sight. I brought the rifle home and ordering one from Skinner.

    S&W figured it out, they no longer show Grech as their Canadian "Warranty Station".

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    Gretch is the absolute worse company I have ever dealt with. They "service" Mossberg in Canada too. what kind of shady deals did that guy pull to become the authorized warranty repair for almost all of Canada? He doesn't even answer emails or Phone calls. Check out their Google reviews.

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    Sucks that canada lacks good gun smiths. Must be hard to find a decent company to do warrenty work for your brand with such small numbers of capable smiths. Theres a massive hole in this market here and no one seems to be filling it.

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    My H015 was recently recalled for a safety issue and I've been dreading sending it to Gretch for the warranty work


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    Had an issue with the stock on a Henry rifle i had just purchased ( poor fitment ), Henry was great to deal with directly and sent a new, perfectly fitting stock out immediately. Zero complaints from my relatively minor issue, i was very pleased with their customer service. I did not have to deal with the Canadian warranty provider.

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    I need a new barrel for my henry h0001 .22 lr rifle. Is it possible to change them?

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    Complain to Henry, long loud and hard. I as still dealing with Grech on a Chiappa repair and after 6 months of B.S. tracked down the CEO of Chiappa’s contact info and sent him a LONG complaint. They had many in past about Grech, and mine was the breaking point; they terminated the service agreement with Grech. Whatever he can complete by months end will be paid for, the stuff he can’t will go to the new service provider for corrective action. Karma is a #####...kissing away a good stable income like that is not the smartest thing to do right now, but you cant fix stupid.

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    Hopefully Henry Canada can get some competent busness minded people to replace Henry warranty Canada! Also very limmited amount of competent gun smiths across the country, but when you look at the cost of tooling and machinery as compared to the wages it somewhat understandable, value of product vs labour rate.
    I live on the west coast and did not want to send my Henry big boy across the country to fix a weak extractor that only needed a $2 spring, fortunate for me a have been hobby working on firearms for years and replaced the weak extractor spring with something stronger. That being said, a customer shouldn't have to work on and replace an important piece such as an extractor on a year old rifle that cost premium dollar for a lever action!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6MT View Post
    Here's my experience so far with Grech Outdoors.

    My new Big Boy Steel (in .44mag) suffered a magazine split after only 83 shots fired (a very common problem). I contacted the Canadian warranty center just like the Henry web-site told me to.

    But because of the covid lock-down, Grech was forced to close by the government and I had to wait 4 months to get a new one. To their credit, Grech shipped it out promptly when they were allowed to re-open. My next task was to contact Henry on the procedure on how to change it out. Henry unfortunately took another two months to respond to my request. I did search you-tube and most of the Henry forums on-line to see if I could find the procedure.....but no joy. So I had to rely on Henry for the information.

    Here's where it gets interesting. I was sent the instructions by Henry. But with one small but very important item missing. When I tried to disassemble the rifle, the spring loaded tension from the main spring sent parts scattering across my garage floor as I removed the center bolt on the action.

    Having never worked on disassembly of a lever gun before, this is where I decided to look to Grech for help. When I called, the fellow I spoke with was very polite and helpful. In fact he asked me if Henry included how to relieve the main spring tension. I said, no that wasn't in the instructions. He chuckled and then asked me if I had managed to gather all of the parts that had hit my garage floor. When I told him that yes I did and I even bagged them for him, he told me to fill out their warranty form on their web-site and send him the rifle for reassembly and complete function testing. When I asked if he could give me an estimate of how much it would cost, he told me not to worry. Henry offers complete customer satisfaction and they would cover the costs (except for my shipping cost to get it to Ontario). And besides, they didn't include that very important part about the spring tension. So it was sort of Henry's fault anyways. He also told me that he does this sort of thing all of the time.

    So my spirits were lifted....until I read some of the comments here. I must say that my confidence is a bit shattered hearing of some of the issues with Grech. I checked my tracking number and Grech received my rifle on November 6th. It's only been a couple of weeks, so I'll give him more time since I may have been put to the end of the line.

    I'll post the results as they happen..... stay tuned.

    ************************************************** ************************

    EDIT: In case you're wondering about that response from Henry, here is a copy of their e-mail.

    Subject: Response from Henry Repeating Arms for Case #00018649 [ ref:_00D1UtKVv._5001Ua56vv:ref ]
    Date: 2020-05-18 15:53
    From: Henry Customer Service <>
    To: ""

    Thank you for owning a Henry and I'm sorry to hear you had that trouble Andy.

    Ensure the rifle is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before proceeding.

    First, remove the forearm by knocking the mag tube support out(L to R) of the dovetail on bottom of the bbl.
    Remove the inner magazine tube and the screws holding the forearm cap.
    There is now enough "flex" in the tube to remove the cap support, then the forearm itself.

    Next, remove the trigger guard plate on the bottom of the receiver to expose the outer mag tube retaining screw.
    Removing that will free the outer mag tube.

    Best Regards,
    Thomas Kotz
    Product Manager/Exports
    Henry Customer Service: (866) 200-2354
    Direct: (715) 736-3030

    Hunt with a Henry.</
    Grech sucks

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