Cerakote any Remington 870 – Includes Frame, Bolt, action bars, trigger guard and one barrel of any length!
Guns sent in will be refinished and sent out within 4 weeks of delivery date. We will be batching these jobs to save you money.
NOTE* – If you don’t see your color send us an email and we can tell you if we can do it.
Also includes:

Disassembly and Reassembly

Hand polish and chamber buff

New S&J PowerFeed follower

New S&J 1M spring

New S&J Jumbo Safety

Butt stock & fore grip#NOT#included
* other gunsming services can be completed at the same time at a preferred rate.

Thie promo is on intill the end of the year. ETA for completion is approx 4 weeks .
Any question should be sent to info@sjhardware.com

** Dont send us a broken gun , we have been working on 870,s for 30 years. Your gun is not going to get broken by our staff.
If your shell latch is loose or forend nut rusted into place or sight bead damaged .
Just tell us know, we will fix it for as little as we can or even free.
As benny from Total Recall said
" Hey man I got 7 kids to feed back home"