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Thread: BCL MRX Bison !!!

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    I was wondering if there was a follow up vid to your first vid.

    BCL was very quick to fix the ejecting problem on my Bison and the Customer Service comms were outstanding.
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    They do seem to have stellar customer service. I had sent a message that some cases weren't extracting. They sent me a new extractor kit that fixed the problem. Very easy swap. I haven't had a chance yet to get out to chase accuracy. It wasn't grouping very tight for me with cheap Winchester 5.56 (55 grain). I'm in the process of loading up some Hornady 75, Berger VLD 75, Hornady 55, and Campro 55 with Reloader 15 to see if I can get that 1.5 moa or better. I also found it doesn't feed reliably from some Crossmags I bought. The fit is sloppy and if you don't hold the mag up while closing the bolt, sometimes the rounds jam against the chamber. The P-mag it came with feeds ok though. I want to try a CPD LAR-15 mag, but would hate wasting more money if it turns out to be a bad fit too. I sure would like to see that new MRX mag they are supposed to be making.

    *Edit: I fixed my Crossmags to feed perfect. I put a few wraps of some of that flex-wrap tape around the bottom half of the mag below the catch. It's that kind that just sticks to itself and comes in different colors. These mags now function perfect because it makes them fit nice and snug in the well with no more forward tilt. Another huge benefit to these Crossmags in the Bison is the bolt stop doesn't actually work so you can close the bolt on an empty mag like you should be able to with a bolt action. This means I can single feed with them in which is really nice for those long Berger bullets that I'm seating in the lands.
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