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Thread: Genuine Glock 10/33 Round Magazines

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnyee12 View Post
    Unless im miss understanding....That is not correct either. All gen mags will work in any gen gun that's RH configured. The only time a gen 3 or older mag will not work is in a gen 4/5 gun that has had the mag released flipped to LH configuration, then only the ambidextrous gen 4/5 mag will work.
    I stand corrected, thank you.
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    Are these magazines pinned to 10?
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    Quote Originally Posted by esotericism View Post
    Are these magazines pinned to 10?
    Yup, pistol magazines so pinned to 10.

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    curious if Dlask can comment on how these are pinned.

    also they are on sale now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Porkchopsandwhich View Post
    curious if Dlask can comment on how these are pinned.

    also they are on sale now
    Hey guys, sorry been busy catching up from taking a week off...

    These are pinned with a pop rivet in the back of the mag. Does not affect insertion into a firearm. We have put them in various PCC's as well as a G17 Gen5 and they have dropped free in all of them.

    I put them on sale and we will not be getting more once these are gone.
    Dlask Arms Corp.

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