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Thread: WX-MCR complete rifles in stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
    They can make a Galil/L85A2 cocking handle at very least. Lefties are sick of making due. And the consensus of those who enjoy the majority position. It leaves us considering the inferior Kodiak.
    Man, I didn't realize these were left side charging handle only. For some reason I was thinking they went with fixed ejection but reversible charging handle. That's really too bad, as a lefty shooter myself I don't really care which side it ejects but the changing handle matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mantler View Post
    I really hope they aren't selling the WX-MSR with noticably inferior receivers than the WS-MCR. Wolverine told me they were the exact same. I will post my experience when i receive my 5.56 WX-MCR.
    Both are great!
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    just placed my order last night.

    Cant wait - Brent did a great job applying the Military discount for me as well.

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