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Thread: IN-STOCK NOW: TYPE 81 LMG Shipment 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tactical Imports View Post
    FYI you don't need to turn safety full 180, it will engage safety after like 45 degrees
    been doing this since day 1 no idea why people complain so much

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    We're well past the last given deadline... are we ever going to see these optic mounts at some point?

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    This is the firearms industry. By now you should all know deadlines and etas mean nothing lol.

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    well...since we havent had an update here from TI in awhile....i email them this weekend and just outright asked....this is the response i got today....
    Hi ,

    There has been quite a bit of delay but we should have the ready in a couple
    weeks. We've been missing a part for a little while but they just landed in
    the country. So it won't be much longer now!


    - Nadine
    machinist, we do precision quess work based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge

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    Ian's latest Forgotten Weapons video shows how he modified an BB gun stock based on the Type 81's folder to fit his shorty custom AK "Krinkov". If TI is not able bring in any more rifles, perhaps they could source the stock from an airsoft company, and build an adapter so that it could be used with the LMG or a wood stock rifle without Ian's welding connection for his AK. Here is a link to a Type 56 airsoft replica that uses a stock that looks identical to the Type 81 folder -> , maybe they can be a source of folders for those who want them for their LMGs, or to have an alternate for the wood stock for the rifle variant? The length of the adapter should increase the length of pull just enough to actually make it more comfortable, as Ian notes it a bit short, which suits his Krinkov.

    Quote Originally Posted by Forgotten Weapons Youtube Channel

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    i have to agree with Ian that the T81 is one of the best side folder i have ever used. at par with the galil.

    i love Ian's MOD, his horrible terrible little gun.

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